Friday, 24 February 2017

My Search For The Perfect Country Home

There have been a lot of changes in my life over the past eight or so months and saying goodbye to my old life has been a real challenge.  But through it all my dream still remains the same.  I'm craving the country lifestyle.  I miss the countryside views, the little hedge lined, windy lanes, regular sightings of tractors and wild foul.  I miss it, but if anything it makes me feel all the more determined to find the perfect country retreat.

I actually viewed a property last week.  It was perfect and I fell in love.  Walking around the empty rooms I felt at home, and I could totally see myself living there, envisioning all my belongings around me.  But and there is always a but, there was something that just didn't feel quite right and because of that I turned it down, whether it was the right decision, I really don't know.

Looking for a place to live, a home, is a really big and important job and it has to be right.  Having recently moved I don't intend on it being a habit or to become part of a routine.  I want to move and be able to stay there for a long time and with that in mind where I move to has to be completely and utterly perfect for me. 

I know the perfect home is out there.  The chances are, it won't necessarily be my next home, but I will find it.  It is out there somewhere waiting for me.  I'm searching for you forever home, honestly I am and when I find you we will live happily ever after.

~ Gem x