Monday, 17 July 2017

30th Cake Smash

With this year marking a milestone birthday, I knew that I wanted to celebrate it in style.  Initially I set out to throw a party.  I booked the venue, the DJ, bought my outfit and started buying decorations and props.  It was only when I started to think about all the expense and the fact that in reality it was all for other people, I decided to do something selfish and instead change my plans to arrange something for me.

I started doing a bit of research, and this is where Pinterest becomes your best friend, you can literally find anything on there.  I came across a few different adult cake smashes and it was then that I knew what I wanted to do instead of throwing a party.  Who said that the kids should have all the fun with the new craze of birthday cake smashes?  Exactly, no one.  

I contacted Maryann of The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography and told her what I was thinking about, and thankfully she was straight on board with the idea.  

It was so much fun, although I have to admit it did feel rather strange just demolishing a cake, especially when I had put so much effort into making it look so pretty.  But for the photos at the end of it, it was totally worth it.

I'm so glad for the sudden change of plan, it will definitely be something I will remember that's for sure.  And who knows, maybe it could become a new birthday tradition.  Perhaps I should start researching for next year.

Big thanks to Maryann for the photos and for taking me serious and understanding exactly where I was coming from with this idea.
~ Gem x

All images were taken by The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography