Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Happy Place Festival

Back in August I headed into London with a friend to visit Fearne Cotton's Happy Place Festival in Chiswick Park.  It was a two day event, for which we had booked our tickets for the Saturday.  The ticket included general admission plus the main talks stage, although at the time of booking we had no idea who the guest speakers were going to be as these were not announced until a bit later.  There was the option to book additional sessions for various workshops, including yoga and extra talks but these all sold out pretty quickly and to be honest as it is the first event of this kind she has done, we were unsure what to expect and so just stuck with the standard entry ticket.

The day was pretty perfect.  We were extremely lucky with the guest speakers who literally filled our days timetable so we felt kind of pleased that we hadn't booked on to any of the other sessions as it would have meant missing out on one of the talks. Personally I would say if you were wanting to take advantage of some of the yoga sessions or other workshops taking place as well as the main talks, you'd be better off booking a 2 day ticket or you just need to be prepared to miss out on something you may want to do.  

You could tell that a lot of thought and effort had gone into making the place feel relaxed and chilled out and I loved all the little touches.  Even the businesses that had been selected to be there had been thought about and were all great for supporting healthy lifestyle choices and mindfulness, plus there were some great little spots for photos, perfect for the Instagrammers attending.

The highlight for me was listening to Rylan Clarke and dare I say it Russell Brand (I am not a Russell Brand fan at all) Both were great speakers and I feel as though I took something away from both of them.

It was a really great day, and is definitely something I would look out for again in the future.

~ Gem x