Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Camping in Coltishall

I have spent my bank holiday weekend out in the wilderness camping in Norfolk. It was lovely apart from the odd shower and blustery spell. I enjoyed going back to basics with no distractions from modern day life, what’s more I enjoyed having the quality time with my boyfriend to relax and to talk to one another.

It's a whole other world, the silence you hear instead of the constant whirring of traffic and the buzz of city life just to be able to sit and listen, being able to distinguish what each sound is and how peaceful it all sounds. The trees blowing in the wind, the birds singing to one another, and as the evening draws in the sound of crickets chirping in the bushes and the wood crackling in the fire, then as the rain falls the sound of the raindrops. I felt completely relaxed and would have been happy to of stayed there a couple more nights.

The views, they were beautiful. We stayed in a lovely campsite in a small village called Coltishall (picture above) near Wroxham, the owners were wonderful people, ever so friendly and very helpful. We visited many parts of the Norfolk Broads around this area, it was a nice place to be. Saturday evening looking into the nights sky was lovely, the moon was so big and bright and there were millions of stars it was gorgeous.

On Sunday we travelled on the Bure Valley Railway on one of the little steam trains.  I was rather excited, as to my knowledge I have never been on a steam train, so this was a new venture for me. Once we eventually reached our destination at the end of the line in Aylsham the heavens opened, so we didn't stop for long and headed back to the campsite and to the tent. It was a great weekend and already we have been making plans to go back again, it’s nice to always have something to look forward to hey.

Until last year I had never before been camping, I always thought it was something you would never catch me doing, but I can say hand on heart that I thoroughly enjoy it. If ever you have thought about it and are having doubts please just give it go, I’m sure you will love it just as much as I do. And remember it has changed a lot in the past few years, especially if you go prepared. I can recommend a good book if you are thinking about it, I currently have it on my own bookshelf Cool Camping by Laura James. It’s brilliant and has all you need and need to know about camping.

Anyway that is it from me for now. I will leave you with a few more snaps from my weekend and will be posting again very soon.

~ Gem x

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