Friday, 13 August 2010

A Sudden Downpour

I am starting to feel as though we may have had our summer for this year and that Autumn is well on it’s way. The leaves are starting to turn on the trees, I’m feeling that chill in the air more often and the heavy downpours are becoming more frequent. Although I don’t mind the downpours so much, as long as I am inside. I must admit I am a lover of rain. The smell, it’s so fresh and gives me a great feeling. I could get lost just sitting and watching it, the drops falling onto the ground and running down window panes.

From my office window today I was mesmerised by watching how the world changes, people running to get to a dry place. It’s never quite the same when you are that person though, but for today I was grateful to experience that warm feeling once more.

A lovely day out with my boyfriend is planned for tomorrow, so hopefully I will have some pictures of the day to share with you all.

~ Gem x

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