Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My Weekend

Ok so the weekend seems ages ago now, sorry for not posting this sooner.

I had a fairly busy weekend last week.  Saturday was spent with my grandparents, followed by an evening with my mum at the Radio 1Extra concert at Wembley arena.  We were a little disappointed but overall it was a good night.

Sunday was a bit more chilled, I spent the day with my boyfriend.  A trip to Sainsbury's was in order to buy some ingredients for baking later in the day.  On my way up and down the aisle I came across these which I couldn't help but put in the trolley.

An Emma Bridgewater address book

And a pretty tin of colouring pencils.

I can hear you asking now what did you bake?  Well we decided to bake some biscuits.  I opted with some choc chip biscuits, orange biscuits and some choc chip and orange biscuits.  I will be honest they didn't turn out as well as I had originally hoped, I think I may have left the in the oven for too long, still that does leave plenty of room for improvements :-) and the majority of them were edible so I was happy. 

Take care

Gem xx

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