Friday, 22 October 2010

My Week Off.

I have been finding it really hard to know what to blog about recently, hence the sparse amount of posts.  You would think I would have a lot to blog about especially as I have had a week off work, but I'm still struggling, although it has given me plenty of time to think about it all and what I want to be doing with this. 

It has been lovely to have the time off to re-charge my batteries and I am looking forward to getting back to my usual routine, especially as there is now so much to look forward to at this time of year, starting with Halloween next week.  I am looking forward to sharing with you my plans for Halloween, Firework Night and of course Christmas.  How could anyone not enjoy this time of year?  Wrapping up warm to protect yourself from that chill in the air, plenty of things to keep you busy and the opportunity to socialise with all your friends and family, spreading the winter cheer.

So what have I been doing with my week off I hear you all ask.  Well not a great deal really.  Lots of relaxing, reading and watching films mainly.  I made a visit to the cinema for the first time in I don't know how long to see Life As We Know It.

It was a brilliant film, I really enjoyed it, a typical chick flick, just my kind of thing.  That has been it though outings wise, other then the occasional visit to a pub for a drink on the odd evening during the week.

There are so many pubs around here it is hard to know which ones to go to and which ones to avoid.  As my boyfriend is a brewer at a local brewery we have been trying to do our rounds visiting as many different ones as we can, which is good for him as he can have a drink and try and sell a little bit of business for the brewery and for me it gives me a chance to have a good nose around, :) just what us ladies do best.

Well that's all for now.  I will be back again soon, hopefully before the weekend is out, and I promise I will try my best to post more frequently I just need to keep myself busy to give me something to blog about, which shouldn't be hard this time of the year.

Have a good weekend.

Gem xx

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