Saturday, 27 November 2010

Baby It's Cold Out There

I think the title says it all, it's absolutely freezing out there today, and to add to the title I am listening to the song while writing this, I'm a sucker for Christmas songs. 

We took a visit today to the Battlesbridge Antique and Craft Centre, it was cold, oh so cold, but oh so very pretty indeed.

It still wasn't too cold for the swans though.  Beautiful and so elegant.

How gorgeous do those fields look in a frosty blanket.

The centre was quiet, I think most people had decided to stay at home in the warm, they obviously had more sense than we did.  However it meant that it was nice and easy for us to have a mooch around all the buildings looking at the antiques and crafts, without loads of crowds to contend with. 

After walking around for a couple of hours I was feeling as though I had frozen down to the bone and so we went to warm ourselves back up in the local pub.

We were even blessed with some snow, albeit only for 10 minutes.

It was a lovely day, although I'm glad to be at home now all snuggled up in the warm, on the sofa with the laptop and X-Factor on the box.

~ Gem x

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