Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Blustery Evening

Wasn't it a blustery evening last night.  I walked home from Chelmsford station and felt as if I was going to be blown away, the trees were swaying and all the leaves were blowing everywhere.  Part of me couldn't help but think that it felt a little bit like a scene from Winnie The Pooh.

Upon arriving home I was ready for the new series of Kirstie's Home Made Home on Channel 4.  I loved it.  I have her book on my Christmas list and have already made plenty of hints to my boyfriend so am hoping I won't be left disappointed.  For now it is the long wait for next Tuesday to see the next episode :-(.

More exciting going on's starting tomorrow.  I have 2 days holiday booked off from work, however will still be heading back into London tomorrow.  I'm off to the Spirit of Christmas Fair at Earls Court, Olympia for a girly day of shopping with my Mum.  Now all you have to do, is wait for my next post to hear all about what we get up to :-)

Take care

Gem xx

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