Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween Celebrations

I have been busy over the past week with my build up to Halloween with lots of lovely activities to mark the occasion.
It all started off on Wednesday evening with a Jack the Ripper walk through London with some work colleagues.  It was a very interesting evening and I actually learnt quite a lot which is even better.

The start of our walk.

The celebrations continued Friday evening when I held a Halloween Disco, with a friend, as a fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support, it was a great night and helped to raise over £500.

The costumes were absolutely amazing and everyone made a real effort.

Saturday night was another fundraiser this time a quiz night themed Halloween.  We raised over £400, so within a weekend we have raised just over £1,000, AMAZING!

Then Sunday was when all the fun really began, Halloween at last had arrived and I began decorating our front garden for the occasion, and carved just a few pumpkins.

My favourite Pumpkin

All the Pumpkins together.

The decorated garden.

We were in-undated with trick or treaters, we had so many in fact that I ran out of sweets, and had to crack open a tin of Quality Streets meant for Christmas.  O well, the trick or treaters couldn't go without.

Happy Halloween

~ Gem x 

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