Monday, 25 October 2010

Coco Rose Textiles

A lovely blog post today by Coco Rose Textiles who has inspired my own post today.  As part of her blog post she has asked 7 questions and asked all her readers to post to their own blogs and answer, I felt this was a lovely idea and one I have taken her up on.   

What age were you when you were at your most happiest?
My answer would have to be now.  I am only 23 and at the moment am fortunate enough not to have any major commitments in my life.  I am still living at home with my parents,  I have a brilliant job that allows me to help others and am working with a great team of people.  I feel that as a person I am growing all the time and I’m really proud of the person I am becoming.

What is your most played song?
 Anything by Usher, who may I add I am going to see in concert at the O2 in February :)  

What is your most favourite food and least favourite food?
Favourite food is pasta and if I am being specific it would be tagliatelle carbonara. 
Least Favourite food is Chicken, I hate the stuff but don’t mind the birds themselves.
One regret?
I don’t have any regrets, then again there is still time J  if I were to have any regrets though I would rather it be to regret something I have done rather than something I haven’t done.

Favourite tv programme or film?
TV programme:  hmmm I have 3 although all of them are to be no  more L Big Brother, The Inbetweeners and Gavin and Stacey, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. 
Film: P.S I love You, a brilliant romantic with a little bit of comedy and a great deal of eye candy, Gerrard Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan what more could a girl possibly want?

Ideal job?
This is a tough one and one with more than one answer strangely.  I would love to own my own business and manage my own little boutique shop selling home furnishings and gifts, I would also like to run my own Florist shop.  Perhaps one day I could combine the two together, who knows?????

Favourite Flower? 
Gerbera Daisies, I absolutely love them, they are so bright and cheerful, enough to brighten up anyone's day.  
So there you have it, you all now know a little bit more about me.

Enjoy your evening.
~ Gem x

Friday, 22 October 2010

My Week Off.

I have been finding it really hard to know what to blog about recently, hence the sparse amount of posts.  You would think I would have a lot to blog about especially as I have had a week off work, but I'm still struggling, although it has given me plenty of time to think about it all and what I want to be doing with this. 

It has been lovely to have the time off to re-charge my batteries and I am looking forward to getting back to my usual routine, especially as there is now so much to look forward to at this time of year, starting with Halloween next week.  I am looking forward to sharing with you my plans for Halloween, Firework Night and of course Christmas.  How could anyone not enjoy this time of year?  Wrapping up warm to protect yourself from that chill in the air, plenty of things to keep you busy and the opportunity to socialise with all your friends and family, spreading the winter cheer.

So what have I been doing with my week off I hear you all ask.  Well not a great deal really.  Lots of relaxing, reading and watching films mainly.  I made a visit to the cinema for the first time in I don't know how long to see Life As We Know It.

It was a brilliant film, I really enjoyed it, a typical chick flick, just my kind of thing.  That has been it though outings wise, other then the occasional visit to a pub for a drink on the odd evening during the week.

There are so many pubs around here it is hard to know which ones to go to and which ones to avoid.  As my boyfriend is a brewer at a local brewery we have been trying to do our rounds visiting as many different ones as we can, which is good for him as he can have a drink and try and sell a little bit of business for the brewery and for me it gives me a chance to have a good nose around, :) just what us ladies do best.

Well that's all for now.  I will be back again soon, hopefully before the weekend is out, and I promise I will try my best to post more frequently I just need to keep myself busy to give me something to blog about, which shouldn't be hard this time of the year.

Have a good weekend.

Gem xx

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Seaside

A short post today with some photos taken from my day at the seaside on Saturday.   The day was cold, however the sun was shining so all in all it was a lovely day.  I have to say I did indulge in some naughty treats albeit delicious ones, and of course no trip to the seaside is complete without chips or doughnuts to eat along the seafront :-)

Perfect Timing!

Take care.

Gem xx

Thursday, 7 October 2010

21st Birthday Celebrations

21 years ago today I became a big sister.  I was so proud of my little bro and wouldn't let him out of my sight.  I helped look after him when he was ill and stopped him from running off when we were out, I was so protective of him.  Isn't it funny how things change as we grow up, now he is the one who is protective over me haha.  Anyway I was hoping to get some photos of us together when we were younger but the computer has been playing up, so it will have to be some more recent photos which were taken a few years ago while on holiday in Vegas.

The celebrations are to continue on Saturday, something to look forward to.

Gem xx

Wednesday, 6 October 2010



Nothing much to report today, another busy day at work finished off nicely with this beautiful evening sky.

This photo doesn't do it any justice.  I took this picture around 6:45 this evening just as the sky was darkening, the clouds had a gorgeous pink tint to them.

An exciting day tomorrow, my little brother is turning 21! I promise I will try not to embarrass him too much. 

I did say try :)

Gem xx

Monday, 4 October 2010

City Girl

Apologies for the infrequent posts, I am slacking and am very aware of it.  I promise to try harder to make the time in my busy schedule to post to you all that I have been up to in my attempts at becoming a country lass. 

I spent my weekend in the city that we call London.  Myself and James made a visit to the HMS Belfast, followed by a quick stop off in the pub in search of real ales, finished off at the Rainforest Cafe for an early dinner.

As much as I love the country I think there will always be a place in my heart for London.  Don't get me wrong, there are many things about it that frustrate me so much, such as the crowds upon crowds of tourists who find it 100% acceptable to just stop right infront of you to take a photo or have a look around. Now as much as I don't usually mind this, for some reason when I'm trying to get somewhere in London it really bugs me, I become a true city girl, I know where I am, I know where I want to be and I want to get there as soon as I can.  That aside I love London for the fact that everything I could possible want or need is there and it is easy to get around.

Of all the cities I have visited so far, I am yet to find one that I like more than London.  There are just so many hidden treasures and places to explore you would never get bored it would be virtually impossible.

Sunday was a little bit more chilled.  I like to use my Sundays to wind down from the busy week I have just had and prepare myself for the week ahead and all it may bring me.  We were hoping to fly our kite, that may I add has never been used since I bought it, and has still not been used as it just was not windy enough in Chelmsford.  Instead we used the opportunity to walk around the park.  I enjoyed looking up at all the trees, seeing how all the colours are slowly changing from green to yellow.  I love this time of year, there are so many colours to see, it is beautiful.  For a moment I went back to my childhood, collecting conkers that had fallen from the trees.  Every year my parents would take me and my brother up the park with a carrier bag each to see who could collect the most conkers, funny how some childhood memories will always stick with you :-).

Gem xx