Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2011's First Crafting Workshop Booked

It is only the 4th of January and already I feel as though I am off to a flying start :).  My diary is slowly but surely filling up with lots of fun and exciting plans for the year and one thing in particular I am really looking forward to is my very first crafting workshop of the year. 

On the 29th of January I shall be spending my day making a flower corsage out of wet felt and some beads.

I'm not quite sure what to expect or to be able to take from this workshop so I shall be attending with an open mind, I will go with the flow and hopefully have a bit of fun with it.  Either way it will be another craft I can add to my list and something for me to blog about.  I will be sure to take some photos to show you my progress through the day and let's just hope it looks a little like the above once I have finished.

Whilst booking the workshop I came across this:

Torch Lit Tour

Have you heard the one about the shadowy man on the staircase, or perhaps the children's laughter heard echoing through empty rooms?
Take a tour in and around Hylands House in the dark, and listen to the stories of staff and visitors who have seen or heard something... unusual!
Wrap up warm and bring a torch as the tour includes some outdoor sections. The event finishes with mugs of hot chocolate in the House.
We can't promise you'll see anything for yourselves but we'll certainly show you a different side of Hylands, and you never know what might happen!

Sounds good hey?  Myself and James are booked up for Saturday evening, It's going to be a late one, it starts at 11pm finishes at 1am, I can see me having an afternoon nap to see me through it I think haha.  Even so, I'm really looking forward to it.  That has got be what life is all about, having things to look forward to and enjoying them.

That's all from me today.

Gem xx


  1. Hi The corsage course looks great fun.
    Also the spooky tour- have a great time
    Sue x

  2. Thanks Sue, I'm sure we will have a great time, I'll make sure to tell all on Sunday :) xxx

  3. Oohh the Spooky tour sounds like great fun!! You are right - you only get one life so you had may aswell have some fun!

    Let us know how it goes : )

    Gemma x