Friday, 21 January 2011

Avon's Country Rose

I mentioned in my last post about a running theme with the polka dots, well while sitting in my bedroom last night I noticed another running theme I have going on.

It is a beautiful print, I absolutely love it, as you can tell.  I have bought quite a few things from the range.  the first item I bought were the PJ's which you can see folded up in the bottom right hand corner of this photo, I then added to the collection with the matching dressing gown which everything is laying on.

I just love the colours and the simple detail in the print.  It has that real fresh summery feeling to it.

I added to the collection with these Rose scented  hearts which I hang on my cupboard door handles, they are just too pretty to hide away in drawers or cupboards.  Also have you noticed the polka dots again, they just keep cropping up.

The make up bags, which I am going to save for holidays, a mix of the two prints, very bright and bold.

They have recently added a new design to the line, I'm not sure that I like it as much if I'm honest, but it is still really nice and has the same effect as the original pattern, fresh and summery.

A new polka dot shopping bag.  Not that I needed any more as I already have so many, but seriously, can a girl ever have enough bags? Really?  I didn't think so.

The line is called Country Rose and can be bought from Avon Cosmetics.  I'm not sure that you can still buy the full range, but you can still get the make up bags, I only bought those a few weeks ago and the shopping bag is due out in brouchures very soon.  As well as that I guess it is a case of keeping your eyes peeled for what they bring out in the future.

~ Gem x