Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Creating A Name For Myself

As you may know, my original intention when starting this blog was to encourage me to make lots more handmade items.  I will be completely and honest and say it hasn't worked, well that is until now.  I have really taken on the project of my patchwork quilt and have learnt how to knit.  I've recycled our Christmas cards into homemade Christmas labels and have made something else which I will tell you more about in my post tomorrow but before then I will tell you about the name I have created for myself (with a little help, OK a lot of help from a special friend).

I wanted a name that was linked to me, one that was personal.  It came to me one morning, very early one morning, around 3am to be precise and I knew then that I had found it.  My good friend Manjiv has a little nickname for me that has stuck for some time now, and it just seemed right for me to use it.  She calls me Gemstar, don't ask me where it came from or why she calls me that, you will have to ask her to find out, all I know is that she just does.  So there you have it Gem* Creations.

Armed with my new name, I had the urge and need to create my own personal handmade labels, and that I did.  I designed the layout on the computer and decided on a colour again this was done with the help of Manjiv.  With this I went into my local haberdashery shop to buy some natural twill tape ribbon, and bought some transfer paper from Wilkinson's, then printed my labels and iron on the transfer.  And boy am I pleased with the finished result.

Hot off the press (quite literally)

I now have a stack of them ready for all my crafty makes :)

So that's it, I am all set and ready to go.  I have got lots of things in mind to make, and no excuses not to make them.

Gem xx

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