Thursday, 20 January 2011

Treating Myself

After the stressful and manic week it has been so far I decided today that I would treat myself to something nice.  I have seen this lovely vase a few times now when shopping for my lunch in Sainsbury's and today I thought to myself, rather then just looking at it every time and thinking "hmmm that looks really nice" that I would just buy it, so I did.

It now looks lovely sitting on my desk.  All I need now are some beautiful flowers to fill it.  I will wait until Monday for that, it seems a shame to buy some now when I am not going to be there over the weekend to enjoy them.

I wasn't able to just stop at the vase though :-s  I ended up spotting this ceramic jug complete with a cyclamen plant.

I also bought the plant you can see in the pot behind this one too.  As you can see my desk is looking a lot brighter now with all this extra colour.  It gives me something nice to look at, well other then all my colleagues of course hehee.

The only problem is that I didn't stop there either, I just couldn't resist this little piggy.

Isn't it gorgeous.  I have never owned a piggy bank before so this is a first for me.  I also sense a theme running with the purchases I have bought today, they all seem to be covered in polka dots.  Well they have certainly done the trick in cheering me up for a bit, so I am pleased at that :)

Night all

Love Gem xxx

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