Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Virtual Coffee

Now I know I am a day late for this, but surely that is one of the added bonuses of it being virtual.  Am I right?  I'm afraid I can't stay for long though :(

If I were really having coffee with you today firstly I would have to own up to actually drinking hot chocolate and not coffee :).  I love hot chocloate, especially if it is topped with marshmallows mmmmmmmmmmm.

If I were really having hot chocolate with you today I would tell you how grateful I would be for some time out to sit and put my feet up and listen to everyone's news. 

It is only Wednesday but so far this week has been so stressful and hectic, I don't know that I can keep up with it all. 

Told you it was a quick stop today.  Duty calls.  I'll be back again soon.  Hope you all enjoy your coffee or whatever is taking your fancy today.

Gem xx


  1. coffee, hot cocoa or doesn't matter! : ) i just bought heart-shaped marshmallows today for the kids. they can't wait for hot chocolate after supper tonight!

  2. Hope you get some relaxation time soon!

    Those marshmallows on the hot chocolate are adorable!!! Nice idea for valentines day : )

    Gemma x