Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Virtual Coffee

Please join me this evening for a well deserved coffee :)

If I were really having coffee with you today I would suggest we meet in a nice warm and cosy coffee shop.  You don't seem to get many of them any more which is a shame, they have all been over run with the very Costa's and Starbucks :(  I will be honest I do use both on the odd occasion but that is usually as I don't have any other choice but to use them or go without, but when needs must - well what can I say.  Instead I am sitting here with a lovely hot chocolate, with the gorgeous scent of gingersnap and the calming flicker of light from my new candle (thanks Jef), and listening to the rain beating against my window pane.  Ahhh I may as well be in heaven.

As you probably know from other posts I love listening to rain, well so long as I haven't got to go out in it and I am nice and comfy in the dry.  I just find it so relaxing.  And with my candle burning away as well I am feeling very chilled out, which is just what I need after the day I have had.

If I were really having coffee with you today I would have to tell you that my Grandad is currently in hospital.  He has been there now for a good couple of weeks, hence it has been so manic for me recently.  It wouldn't be so bad should we have lived closer, but he is in North London and as you know we are in Essex.  It isn't too bad for me to get there from work, however that is in South London, but so long as the underground is running smoothly with no delays, it takes around an hour, which I can cope with.  If it were just that I don't think it would stress me out so much.  Don't get me wrong I love my Grandad to bits and I do worry about him all the time.  He has cancer and has had so for a couple of years now, the thing is I work on a cancer support line, so for me there is just no escape and my mind is constantly occupied by my Grandad which makes work very hard.  I am lucky to have great support from my colleagues / friends and I guess for them they can understand what I am going through, so in theory I am in the right place.  For that I would like to thank them for the support they have been giving me, they have been great.  Also my family.  we are very close anyway so it is good that we are supporting each other through this.

My Grandad

So that's all my news.  What's going on in your world?

Enjoy the rest of your evening
Gem xxx


  1. i am sorry to hear about your grandad. and it's hard when you are not close by and can't just run over there in a pinch! hope you/he gets some good news soon. thanks for coffee!

  2. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for your comment. We have had a good couple of days so fingers crossed.
    Coffee was great, thanks : )