Wednesday, 9 February 2011

English Garden Party

I am joining in with the English Garden Party today.  However I am going to cheat slightly and rather then posting pictures of my own garden which I don't have any of on my laptop I am going to post pictures of how I would like my garden to look.  I hope you don't mind.

I love gardens especially in films.  My favourite ones have to be Notting Hill where they climb over the gate "Whoopsy Daisey's" It gets me every time.  Just like heaven, the rooftop garden at the end.  And You've Got mail (A favourite of many of you fellow bloggers out there) the garden where they meet at the end. 

here are a few pictures I have found this evening which have quite taken my fancy.

I love the paths in this one, it is kind of like a maze.

And these are so pretty.

I can picture myself potting in the shed : )

No garden party would be complete without a marque and pretty bunting

And of course there has to be tea and cake.

You may have noticed I haven't included any water features or ponds, and as lovely as I think they are, I would never and I mean never have either of them in my garden.  Why?  Because I have a huge fear of frogs, yes you read it right, Frogs.  I hate them, am absolutely petrified of them.  So there you have it, you have also learnt something new about me today : )

Love Gem xxx


  1. I love that garden in Just Like Heaven. Only saw the film for the first time at the weekend.
    Very pretty garden pictures.

  2. Pretty gardens! I'm really looking forward to summer and spending more time in the garden

    : )

    Gemma x

  3. there is an award for you on my blog x

  4. It is a great film, and I cannot wait for the summer to spend time sitting out in the sunshine with a good book and the grass between my toes : ) xxx

    Thank you so much Lissy, I will drop by to pick it up : ) : ) xxxx

  5. Hey Gem,

    What a great post! It makes me feel all summery and lovely. I can't wait for the warmer weather. What a lovely blog you have - I'm your newest follower!