Monday, 7 February 2011

February Book Club

4 weeks have gone by already, where did that month go?  I had a confession to make at this months meeting (no not an Usher song an actual confession)  I hadn't read the book : ( how very naughty of me.  We were supposed to have read Atonement by Ian McEwan and I had started to read it, well the first 2 chapters, but I really struggled to get into it, then with one thing and another happening with my Grandad etc I just never got a chance to really get into it.

Yesterday I sat down and watched the DVD, I thought at least then I would have some sort of an idea what it was all about.  I loved the film, it really does make you feel grateful for what you have, it must have been awful living through the war.  I also felt it gave a great lesson and just goes to prove how one lie really can change people's lives forever.  Anyway by me watching the film it seemed to pull off, I understood what everyone was talking about, but I do sense that the book is a lot more in depth, but then they usually are aren't they.

I'm so excited about this months choice though, it has been recommended to me by so many people, I just hope it lives up to my expectation and that I really enjoy it.  We are reading:

Have any of you read it yet?  If so what did you think?

Well I'm off to bed now to do a spot of reading, there is no way I am not reading this book, if I start now I will have no excuses not to have read it in a month's time : )


Gem xxx


  1. Havent read Sister, but really enjoyed Atonement. Watched the DVD of Atonement this w/end, funnily enough. Very faithful to the book.

  2. Hi Gem, i 've just found out that you are my partner for bekis heart swap - how funny, i've just seen you live in Chelmsford - we are not far apart, i'm in Rayleigh. Chelmsford is my most visited town for shopping etc!!

    Just off to look around your blog x

  3. Just had a flick through your lovely blog - it is so funny seeing you mention places like Ticketty boo (my fave shop in Chelmsford), Hylands house and Battlesbridge - all places i go too.
    I'm not sure how i haven't seen your blog before - but its a delight. I'm looking forward to making/buying for you x

  4. It is such a small world and looks as though we have a lot in common, I look forward to swapping with you : )xxx

  5. I love reading but I should read more often than I do.

    I love Adele Parks. I'm reading 'Love Lies' at the moment! I think i've got the one your reading atm but haven't actually read it lol!

    Let me know if you enjoy it!

    Gemma x