Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Virtual Coffee

Evening all, how are we all today?

I am so pleased to be joining you all for coffee again this week, it is becoming something that I quite look forward to.  Sitting down (this week with a nice cup of tea) and catching up with you all and all that is going on in blogland. 

Today for me started off as one of those days.  I was running a little late, then when i got to the bus stop realised that I didn't have any money for the bus, I then rushed to the station only to find that I had just missed my train (oh if only I had some money on me for the bus!)  Still I caught the next train and sat down with my book.  By the time I got to London I then found that they were stopping people going on to the central line (one of the underground lines on our public transport in London for all you overseas folk), so I walked across the station to catch the metropolitan line, no a problem, still running with enough time to get to work, things aren't too bad.  By the time i got to Kings cross to change I then had to wait for 3 yes 3 Victoria line trains to pass before I could get on the darn thing and even then my face was pressed up against some mans armpit, while my arm was outstretched across someone else's face to grab onto a rail and my legs, well they could of been anywhere, I felt like a contortionist.  Needless to say I was late for work, good old London transport hey, you have to love it.  NOT!

Anyway that is enough about that moan over.  Once I got to work it turned out to be a really good day.  The sun was shining it was beautiful, just a shame it wasn't warmer but I can be grateful for the sun.  Other then this it has been a pretty quiet day for me really.

Tomorrow I shall be joining Sarah over at Modern Country Style for her English Garden Party, feel free to jon us.  It is going to be a real treat : )  Hopefull see you there.

Take care

Love Gem xxx

P.S Sorry for delay in pst.  as soon as I went to submit the internet crashed and I couldn't restart it again.  A good end to the day hey ha ha ha.


  1. Hi Gem, yes the good old central line. I know it only too well. Did you have problems on it going back yesterday? Hopefully you missed out on that it was around 3 oc. I come in from the east as well btw (South Woodford!). xx

  2. Ohhhh, my day started off rough yesterday with trips to 3 different gas stations just to get gas and then made my boy late for school! i hate when the day starts off like that but at least it was sunny here too. yay! thanks for coffee!

  3. Hi Gem!

    Ohh I hate London transport. I live on the edge of North West London and buses are an especial pain (even when your not on them!!)

    Hope your week is going well!

    Gemma x

  4. Public transport in general is just hopeless, it makes me laugh, they urge people to use it so much, yet the service that is offered is so bad, you can see why people don't use it. never mind, it could be worse I suppose ; ) xxx

  5. visiting for coffee! hope your week ended better! i host tea on tuesdays; please join us if you'd like!