Thursday, 31 March 2011

London's Stitch and Craft Show

Hello again, I feel like I have been away from the computer for ages.  Sorry for delay in posting this, I felt as though I was catching up after my last absence but now I feel like I have taken about 20 paces backwards again.  Firstly this post was supposed to be sent in last week but I wasn’t able to access the Internet, then I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy that has been going round but I am back now ready and fighting.
A couple of weeks ago I spent a day with some of the lovely ladies I work with, including Kirstin from Kirstin's Crafts and Challenges at the Stitch and Craft show at Earls Court Olympia.  It was a fab day and I spent lots of money on wool and fabrics.  I think it is now safe to say that I am stocked up for the rest of the year. 

There were some amazing and inspirational stands, which to be honest puts all my efforts to shame, but I won’t let that deter me.  Give me a couple of years and that will be me standing there in my glory (yeah right!!!!)  I can wish though, can’t I?

The whole of this dress, wings included was all hand knitted - AMAZING

 And this was knitted also.  You have to love a bit of Marilyn.

 And this, officilally the biggest blanket I have ever seen.  It has taken the lady 2 years to get this far, and all in the name of charity (Breast Cancer Care).
I spotted one stand and literally ran to it.  I have wanted to try decoupage for a while now and when I saw the stand I had no excuse not to stock up on materials to get me started.  
This was a selection of just some of the paper you could buy - you can tell by this photo I was spoilt for choice and it took me ages to decide : )

I started on this new craft pretty much as soon as I got home.  This is what I made.
It now hangs on my desk at work.

I mentioned in my last post a present James had bought for me.  Well here it is on my desk making my workspace look all pretty : ).  I knew I loved him for a reason, he knows just the things to make me smile.

Saturday was such a lovely day it seemed a shame to be inside for the best part of it but hopefully there will be plenty more of those days to come yet this year.  The weather was still good on Sunday.  I spent the whole day in James’ garden planting new life in the flower beds and helping him paint his brewing shed a gorgeous duck egg blue colour, it looks beautiful.
Love Gem xxx


  1. Eek! I was there a week later at the Ideal Home Show! I didn't know about the craft show (would love to go!)

    Love the colour Duck Egg Blue : )

    Gemma x

  2. I love this post! Fab knitted stuff esp the tea cosies and the Marilyns - amazing! I need to look up decopatch, in what way is it different to decoupage ? The heart looks wonderful.

    I like the sound of james' brewing shed. We've got a brewing spare room!

  3. Lovely heart. Hope you got your Spring goodies in the post. Lorraine x

  4. The show was great, will be going again next year, I will let you know as soon as I hear about it.

    No difference to decoupage I don't think, just spelled differently, most probably I have miss - spelled it : ) xxx

    Pracel is lovely thanks Lorraine I will be posting about it very soon xxx

  5. Hi What a great day you had and the decopatch looks great.
    I liked the look of that magazine Making Gifts in you picture so Googled it but it says only available as an online magazine ??
    I'm confused -
    Sue x