Thursday, 24 March 2011

Pretty Purchases & Gifts

I am happy today as the sun is still shinning, it makes such a difference to people moods, they always seem much happier when the sun is out and it is a lovely feeling.  I just hope it lasts until tomorrow, through to Monday as I have a long weekend.  I love it when my weekend starts early, I like it even more so when it lasts that bit longer as well.
As well as my charity shop finds I have also been buying a few other lovely bits recently.  I am trying so hard at the moment to save my money and not waste it on things I don’t need.  I have been having regular clear outs to try and get rid of all the clutter and things I no longer like, use or really need.  I am pleased with how it has been working and slowly I feel like I am getting somewhere with it.  I have found great inspiration from Sue at Our New Life in The Country who is trying to live a self sufficient life and Kath at Inverleith is taking on a challenge for one year to buy all good handmade or second hand and making anything else she may need.  It is too easy to go out and just buy something for the sake of it and I am trying to get out of this habit. 
My spending includes a couple of new summer dresses.  I thought I would snap them up now as when the time comes I can never find any that I like and I spotted these pretty things and had to get them ready for the summer. 

I also spotted this necklace and these cute earrings.  Now I am not one for wearing much costume jewellery or much jewellery at all to be honest, just a ring and a bracelet that James bought me a few years ago and usually 1 pair of earring, occasionally 2 pairs (depends on the occasion).  However I saw this and thought it looked really lovely and it was only a couple of £’s so I snapped it up.

The next item doesn’t count as buying things I don’t really need, as I didn’t buy it hehee.  It was a present from my Mum as a Thank You for my help recently, She also bought me a bag which I haven't got a photo of. 

Talking of present James also bought me a present this week.  It was waiting for me when I returned from my day out on Saturday which I will tell you about tomorrow.  Isn't he a sweetie.  I also haven't got a photo of this gift either but I will get one next week so I can show it off, right now it is sitting on my desk at work.  
Right well I'm off to bed now.  Fingers crossed it will be sunny tomorrow x.  Night all.

Love Gem xxxx


  1. Hi Gem...such adorable dresses! Where did you get them from?

    Gemma x

  2. Sorry for delay in response. The crochet dress is from matalan and the floral one is from Peacock's : ) Hope you are well xxx