Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Virtual Coffee - Happy St David's Day

Hello March : ) and Happy St David's Day to you all.  It's Tuesday which means it is time for Virtual Coffee.

If I were really meeting you for coffee today I would tell you about what I got up to on Sunday.  I know this was a couple of days ago now but as I haven't been up to anything exciting the past couple of day's it seemed to fit in quite nicely.

We had so much rain on Saturday it really was miserable.  Sunday morning appeared to be a bit brighter so we decided we would venture out for the day.  Our first stop was a small town called Maldon.  It is a beautiful little fishing town in Essex and I managed to get a couple of nice photos, just a shame that by this point the sun stopped shining and it became very overcast all of a sudden.


(This little cutie looked right at home.  I love cats and so just had to stop and take this little fellow's picture.)

We stopped off for a quick drink in one of the many pubs and watched the world go by from the window.  We must of timed it just right as by the time we had walked back to the car park and sat in the car the first few drops of rain began to fall.

This didn't stop us though, oh no.  We moved on to Burnham On Crouch, had a short walk up the pretty much deserted High Street popped into a few shops then headed back to the car when it started to absolutely bucket it down.

On the drive back to Chelmsford we stopped off at The Baddow Antiques Centre which I have driven past many times but never ventured inside.  Although I am kicking myself for it now.  It was much bigger then I originally thought and so much closer then the Antique Centre we normally visit, so I am a little annoyed with myself for not visiting sooner, but we have discovered it now and will be visiting again very soon (hopefully this weekend) when more of the shops there will be open for business : ) 

So that was my Sunday.

What have you been up to the past few days?

Thanks for joining me for coffee.

Love Gem xxx


  1. Sounds like a lovely Sunday. I like Maldon and Burnham - very pretty places to visit.

  2. Hiya Gem!

    Sounds like a lovely Sunday...my ideal things to do at the weekend!

    I made a visit to Ikea on Saturday and then Woburn Safari Park on Sunday...will be posting about that in a few moments!

    Gemma x

  3. looks like a great weekend, I love the photo's especially the cat! I have been indulging in ebay vintage this weekend...

  4. Aww what a good weekend. I can't remember Sunday except I know I was too tired to function on Monday due to children not being happy. Bleugh!
    Much better today though. Sons room painted blue by Grandfather. Granny came and helped look after children for day. Feel much more relaxed for it.

  5. thanks for your lovely comments, just discovered your blog and it's got me smiling! xx