Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Virtual Coffee: The Last Bank Holiday Weekend For A While

Good afternoon,

Tuesday again, already?????  I feel all out of sync following the recent bank holiday weekend, it always seems to throw me off course, however I'm sure I could get used to it.  It makes such  a difference having that extra day off. 

Well if I were really meeting you for coffee today I would invite you to have a slice of Strawberry Flan homemade by none other then yours truly.

After seeing Gemma's post the other week I have been craving one ever since, and this weekend gave into temptation.  I made 2 in all, James has taken one with him to work.  But fear not, this one right here is made up of home grown strawberries as well : )  Impressed? You should be, this is good for me.

If I were really meeting you for coffee today I would tell you what else I got up to this weekend.  On Saturday myself and James jumped on the tube (London Underground) and made a visit to Greenwich.  I really like it there plus there are some great views from the top of the hill.

The Royal Naval College

Canary Wharf

The O2 (Where I saw Usher earlier this year) (TWICE J)

They are currently preparing for the Olympics so you will have to ignore the work taking place on the grass in front of the college.

While we were wandering around I spotted a poster for an antiques and craft market, you can imagine my excitement to see this, so we wandered some more until we found it and boy was I disappointed, so much so we didn't even walk around the whole thing : ( never mind, you win some you loose some.

Disappointment aside I did buy these little beauties from the Greenwich market - Love that place : )

How cute are these cake cases, almost too good to use.

I have a thing about postcards at the moment, couldn't resist this one (sorry about the lighting)

Other then this little trip the weekend was pretty quiet.  I bought a soap making kit a while back that has been sitting in the cupboard ever since, so I decided it was time for it to come out the closet and for me to have a go at making soap.  

It was surprisingly easy actually, and obviously looked like great fun as James had to get involved hehee.  For my first attempt I am pretty impressed.  It needs perfecting a bit still as we have quite a few bubbles in them, and I didn't melt enough to fit in all the moulds but I am going to melt it down and try again so that should be fine.  Hopefully next time I will be able to get some more photos as it all happened pretty quick and I didn't have time to get many shots.

So enough about me.  How was your weekend?  What did you get up too?

Thanks for coffee, hope you enjoyed the flan.

Love Gem xxx

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Garden Party

I hope you are all keeping dry on this miserable, wet and blustery day, it has been pouring here on and off now for the past few hours, I must say I am not looking forward to my journey home.

Anyway this weather calls for brighter days and what better to do on a brighter day than a garden party, so I thought I would invite you all over seeing as you all worked so hard yesterday : ).  Let's just say it is my way of saying thank you. 

I love spending time out in the garden during the summer months.  All the different sights sounds and smells, it's like heaven, especially after being cooped up inside for the winter.  So here is your very own whistle stop tour of my garden.

Fairies are always welcome in our garden.

This clock is brilliant, on one side a clock on the other a temperature gauge, brilliant.  This was one of the presents I bought for my Mum for her birthday this year, she loved it of course : )
(The eyesore building at the bottom of the garden is my Dad's workshop, this will be re-built to look a lot prettier some time hopefully very soon).

This is my favourite garden ornament we have, Mum bought it recently, we are thinking about moving it onto the grass though, I'm sure she would be much comfier there.

Our surname is Peacock so when I saw this I couldn't resist buying it, sad I know but I'm sure you would all of done the same.

This is something my Grandad built us, he used to work a lot with wood.  We are lucky enough to get loads of birds in our garden, so this is constantly topped up with food so we can sit and watch them from the decking at the top end of the garden. 

I love all the fairies hidden amongst the flowers : )

The sign inside Dad's workshop.

We picked this up from a shop called The Range it is a brilliant shop, if ever you get the chance to visit one, go, you will love it.

Mum's potting bench, looking very colourful and pretty.

Our neighbour grows roses, which we benefit from hanging over the fence, aren't we lucky?

Hope you enjoyed your stay, and I look forward to having you again soon.

Love Gem xxx

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My Workspace On Wednesday

I tend to spend most of my time at work, sitting at my desk (moan, groan $*@>, you get the picture, right?)  We are lucky enough where I work, that we are able to decorate our own individual space with photos etc.  I have taken that on as a challenge : ).  Maybe it is because I still don't have my own place, I don't know but I like my space to look pretty.  I thought I would bring you with me to work today so you can admire it for yourselves.

I try and buy fresh flowers as often as possible but recently it has been less then usual, they can be quite pricey.  I couldn't resist these Peonies in Tesco yesterday, they were calling me to take them with me : )
They smell absolutely divine, and look lovely in my polka dot jug x

I bought this from the Spirit Of Christmas Fair in November.  Very pretty, don't you think? 

My present from James.  I had no space in my bedroom, and it is looking right at home upon my desk.

My very first decoupage project hanging proudly in place.

Of course my folders have to look the part also.

This was a bargain picked up from HomeSense a few months back

And these ring binders were in the sale at Tesco earlier in the year 99p each = Bargain how could I not snap them up.

My second decoupage project plant pot come pen holder and pretty box of tissues

Pink bunting and pastel paper chains, complete with a picture of Usher

And James : )  The 2 men in my life hehee

And no desk would be complete with out a cup for that all important cuppa each day.  Of course the cup had to match my theme, and the coaster also.

Thanks for coming to work with me today, I hope you enjoyed your hard day's work.

Love Gem xxx

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Virtual Coffe: I'm Me

If I were really meeting you for coffee today I would have this to say.

I may not have a big beautiful country cottage of my own, surrounded by big open fields of beauty, with wisteria growing out the front and a pretty front porch where I can sit and admire the views.  A great big open fire where I can sit curled up on the sofa with a bowl of sweet popcorn, wrapped in a warm and cosy blanket watching DVDs on cold winter evenings.

I may not have a gorgeous scented garden full of pretty flowers with a wrought iron table and chairs where I can sit for hours lost in a book, feeling the soft grass between my toes or entertaining friends with tea party's in the garden in the lovely summer heat.

I may not be the best cook in the world or a good cook at all really, and may not be able to cook for big dinner party's in my extra large dining room.

I may not live around the corner to the picturesque country pub, where James can spend his afternoons having a pint with the locals - possibly even drinking beer he has brewed himself (he is a brewer for those of you who didn't know).

I may not be the owner of the black Porsche Carrera that I have wanted for an age.

I may not have my own business with my own tearoom,with a gift shop and florist attached selling all my handmade goods.

I may not be able to afford luxury holidays at the click of a finger where I can whisk off for short or long breaks away.

I may not have a lot of things but I am still me and I do have a lot.

I have my dreams, a lot of them.

I have my family and a boyfriend who I love and know that they all love me in return.

I have a roof over my head.  it may not be mine but it is still home.

This is a lot more then what other people may have.  So for now I will continue to dream, and count my blessings for what I have got in my life.

Love Gem xxx

Friday, 20 May 2011

It's Friday!!!

It’s Friday yay.

My only plans for this weekend are to add some items on E-bay.  I am desperately trying to save up for my own place at the moment, a lot easier said then done.  But I am feeling positive that I am actually doing something about it this time.  I have spoken to friends and we have agreed not to exchange Christmas gifts this year.  Myself and James are also not going to be having a holiday abroad this year either which for us is a massive sacrifice (hopefully worth it though).  We are both clearing through all our belongings and looking at what we can sell either on E-bay or at local boot fairs along with general cutbacks in everyday life.  So that is the plan, we do have a few other things we are doing but I don’t want to bore you all too much with it.  Fingers crossed it all pulls off.

So that’s pretty much my weekend ha ha and to think I have spent all week looking forward to this!  Let’s hope something nice will crop up and surprise me : )

Although I'd much rather be spending it here......

I love it here, Corfu.  These photos were taken on previous holidays here.  Still as I said, no holiday for us this year so we will just have to sit and reminisce.  

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Love Gem xxx