Friday, 20 May 2011

It's Friday!!!

It’s Friday yay.

My only plans for this weekend are to add some items on E-bay.  I am desperately trying to save up for my own place at the moment, a lot easier said then done.  But I am feeling positive that I am actually doing something about it this time.  I have spoken to friends and we have agreed not to exchange Christmas gifts this year.  Myself and James are also not going to be having a holiday abroad this year either which for us is a massive sacrifice (hopefully worth it though).  We are both clearing through all our belongings and looking at what we can sell either on E-bay or at local boot fairs along with general cutbacks in everyday life.  So that is the plan, we do have a few other things we are doing but I don’t want to bore you all too much with it.  Fingers crossed it all pulls off.

So that’s pretty much my weekend ha ha and to think I have spent all week looking forward to this!  Let’s hope something nice will crop up and surprise me : )

Although I'd much rather be spending it here......

I love it here, Corfu.  These photos were taken on previous holidays here.  Still as I said, no holiday for us this year so we will just have to sit and reminisce.  

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Love Gem xxx


  1. Well done for making a plan! It is the 1st steop to creating a reality xx

  2. Gem!

    I'm speechless!

    Me & Ian have been doing the EXACT same thing. Going through all our belongings to find things to sell on Ebay.

    We've been cutting back to save up for a house too.

    We are so alike it's unreal! HA!

    Have a great weekend : )

    Love Gemma XxX

  3. Hey Gem,
    Hope you are enjoying your ebaying weekend!
    Lovely photos of your holiday, but I am sure you'll find something just as lovely and exciting to do in the UK!

  4. Sounds like a plan - you'll get there! And although I am going abroad this year, it's the first time in a while as I'm not working (stay at home mum). There are some gorgeous UK hols though - honest ;-)