Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Virtual Coffee: The Last Bank Holiday Weekend For A While

Good afternoon,

Tuesday again, already?????  I feel all out of sync following the recent bank holiday weekend, it always seems to throw me off course, however I'm sure I could get used to it.  It makes such  a difference having that extra day off. 

Well if I were really meeting you for coffee today I would invite you to have a slice of Strawberry Flan homemade by none other then yours truly.

After seeing Gemma's post the other week I have been craving one ever since, and this weekend gave into temptation.  I made 2 in all, James has taken one with him to work.  But fear not, this one right here is made up of home grown strawberries as well : )  Impressed? You should be, this is good for me.

If I were really meeting you for coffee today I would tell you what else I got up to this weekend.  On Saturday myself and James jumped on the tube (London Underground) and made a visit to Greenwich.  I really like it there plus there are some great views from the top of the hill.

The Royal Naval College

Canary Wharf

The O2 (Where I saw Usher earlier this year) (TWICE J)

They are currently preparing for the Olympics so you will have to ignore the work taking place on the grass in front of the college.

While we were wandering around I spotted a poster for an antiques and craft market, you can imagine my excitement to see this, so we wandered some more until we found it and boy was I disappointed, so much so we didn't even walk around the whole thing : ( never mind, you win some you loose some.

Disappointment aside I did buy these little beauties from the Greenwich market - Love that place : )

How cute are these cake cases, almost too good to use.

I have a thing about postcards at the moment, couldn't resist this one (sorry about the lighting)

Other then this little trip the weekend was pretty quiet.  I bought a soap making kit a while back that has been sitting in the cupboard ever since, so I decided it was time for it to come out the closet and for me to have a go at making soap.  

It was surprisingly easy actually, and obviously looked like great fun as James had to get involved hehee.  For my first attempt I am pretty impressed.  It needs perfecting a bit still as we have quite a few bubbles in them, and I didn't melt enough to fit in all the moulds but I am going to melt it down and try again so that should be fine.  Hopefully next time I will be able to get some more photos as it all happened pretty quick and I didn't have time to get many shots.

So enough about me.  How was your weekend?  What did you get up too?

Thanks for coffee, hope you enjoyed the flan.

Love Gem xxx

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  1. Those cake cases are so sweet. I have a collection of pretty cake cases that i just can't bring myself to use so end up using the boring white ones.

  2. i thought- oh! strawberry pie! and then you say flan? really? i cannot put flan into my mouth :| the texture does not agree with me. but it is beautiful!! looks like your weekend was full of adventure!! and maybe you have inspired me to take the soap-makings out of my closet...

  3. After my candle making exploits I'd like to give soap making a go!

    Victoria xx

  4. yum, that strawberry pie looks so good! i love strawberry pie. i have been thrown off all day but the good thing is that tomorrow is already wednesday! : ) thanks for coffee!

  5. Yay! I could really eat your strawberry flan RIGHT NOW! We've been busy busy busy with the garden/shed thing...We are nearly done!

    Gemma xXx

  6. Mmm...that strawberry flan looks and sounds AMAZING. Sorry I'm late to Virtual Coffee. I was out of town. I hope the rest of your week has been great!