Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Virtual Coffee - Anyone For A Sleepover?

If I were really having coffee with you today I would invite you round to mine for a sleepover.  We could make an evening of it, DVDs, chocolate, popcorn, you name it we can have it : )

When I was younger I used to love sleepovers, whether it was a friend staying at mine or me staying at theirs, they never failed to keep us entertained with endless nights spent gossipping, playing games or watching films.

So for today's coffee I thought I would show you around my room.

I'm quite lucky to have quite a big room, lots of space and plenty of storage : )

I love the picture of Marilyn on the wall, James' Mum bought it for me for my birthday a couple of years ago, I have never fallen out of love with it.  I also love the beautiful dummy my Mum bought me more recently

My magazine rack filled with crafty magazines

Thrifty bottles with my orchids from Ikea

A close up of the recycled bottle (not great quality, always difficult to take photos with light streaming in from behind, sorry)

My pretty rose scented hearts hanging from the drawers at the bottom of my bed (bought from Avon Cosmetics)

I picked up the birdcage from Matalan I think and the small heart shaped tea lights from a local market, I just couldn't resist them, they are all soooo cute.

Another purchase from Matalan and my home made tea cup candle : )

My little rose scented chicken to hold my wardrobe door open of a morning when I am getting ready, I love the floral pattern - I picked this little chick up from The Range.

I hope you enjoyed your little view of my world, we will have to arrange another sleepover real soon, I have had a great time : )

Thanks for coffee,

Love Gem xxx


  1. We seem to have sleepovers every weekend here, sadly not mine but the daughters lol!
    Love the little bird cage!

    B xxx

  2. Hi Gem!

    I used to love a good old sleepover too. We had my cousin over all the time lol.

    Loving your room! Those sweet accessories go so well with eachother : )

    Hope your enjoying your week so far.

    Gemma x

  3. I love the idea of a virtual sleepover. See, I've even bought my jim-jams with me!!!

    And what a gorgeous bedroom you have. I love all your pretty touches.


  4. I have that Marilyn pic xx

  5. I loved sleepovers too- they were my favourite birthday celebration when I was young! Your room is delightful!

  6. You're room is way tidier than mine. I blame the kids. :o)

  7. Sleepovers! I love them even now!!!

    You have a lovely bedroom!

    Victoria xx

  8. I loved your little view of the world! Thanks for showing us your beautiful room :) Have a great day!

    Kristin xo