Friday, 22 July 2011

25th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

I was planning on posting this Wednesday but have been so busy I just hadn't got around to it, sorry.
Saturday evening my parents threw a party to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary which was on Tuesday.  We had a great evening spent with friends and family and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

Mine and Rebecca's lantern (my brother's girlfriend)

And it's off floating through the nights sky

And there it is stuck in the tree :s whoops, don't worry no harm was done and eventually it went out, we were just lucky that it had rained a lot earlier in the day.

25 years, that is longer then my life time, so here is to another 25 years.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Love Gem xxx


  1. 25 years together, thats a reason to celebrate! How lovely.

  2. Awwww congrats to your parents! We are having our Do tomorrow!

    C x

  3. pictures of the lantern look great :D

  4. Wow - 25 years! Congratulations to them : )

    My family let off lanterns on occassions like this too! I always get so nervous incase something like that happens here. Glad it went out! lol

    Have a nice weekend!

    Gemma x

  5. I love those lanterns, they make events so special. Happy anniv to your Mum and Dad x

  6. WOW all that booze I'm not surprised you had a good time! LOL!

    Victoria xxx