Friday, 15 July 2011

Charity Shop Swap Parcel & A Few Charity Shop Buys Of My Own

Hello Ladies (and Gentleman if you are out there, why are there hardly any male bloggers?????, I'd like to see more) Anyway, I recently took part in Lakota's Charity Shop Swap and was partnered with Kerenza from KezzieAG, do pop by and say hello, she has a lovely blog.  I loved opening up this parcel, all my gifts were wrapped so beautifully, I didn't want to open it but was glad I did, the gifts inside were lovely. 

I should have taken a close up of the handmade card, it was beautiful

Lots of little bits to help with my crafting

I loved this idea of a small jewelry box with a button stuck on top, it was very effective

How cute is this felt bag, and with a ladybird, I really smiled when I saw this : )

And this pretty little button bracelet. 

Thank you so much Kerenza for all my lovely gifts, it was great swapping with you.

So on the theme of charity shops I have been a bit naught again recently, I just can't seem to help myself.  The problem is I really am starting to run out of space to store all these homely goodies.  I may just have to start using my Grandad's garage, I'm sure he would be pleased to know it is being used for a good cause : ) (sorry about the quality of these photos, they were taken last night so the lighting isn't brilliant, they are all now packed away in boxes otherwise I would have taken more photos today)

Firstly this great Cadbury's mug, you can never have enough mugs and this had my name written all over it.  You can imagine how delighted  I was to then spot these.

I originally just bought the Cadbury's one but then when James see it and I told him about the Horlicks one he made me go back to see if they still had it, good job they did hey! I'm sure these will look great in the kitchen.

Then there were these cups, I had seen them on my first visit to the shop but when I went back to get the Horlicks jar and they were still there I just had to buy them and they were only £1.99, bargain (I only would have regretted it otherwise *giggle*)

I love the pattern on these and the colours are so vibrant, I'm not sure if the pink one is supposed to be part of this set or if it has got muddled over time but I like it so I'm not too worried about it.  We don't really tend to eat soup from a Chinese but I really liked these and for 99p I wasn't leaving without them!
So what have you been buying recently?  I'd love to know, it makes me feel less guilty for my purchases : )

Love Gem xxx

P.S Hope you all have a great weekend what ever you have planned


  1. your gifts from Kerenza are lovely! I have that Cadburys mug too.

  2. Hi Gem.

    Loving the mugs. I can imagine that Cadburys mug being THE hot chocolate wouldn't taste the same in any other lol.

    When you & James get your own place I imagine your kitchen is going to fully stocked straight away!

    As for me, I bought a metal basket thing (not even sure what it is) and spray painted it from a local chairty shop. Am going to post about it soon so would love any ideas on what I could use it for!

    Not sure what the weekend holds yet.

    Gemma xxx

  3. I need your charity shop. . . the ones here don't seem to know what 99p is or 1.99!
    Fab finds and the swap looks like fun too.

  4. Lovely gifts, especially the sweet button bracelet, and fab charity shop finds too x

  5. having a nosey of what other swappers got here :) loving all those cute gifts from Kerenza and i also love your cadbury, horlicks and the roosters mugs/cups too!