Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Virtual Coffee - A Week Away From Work

If I were really meeting with you for coffee today I would request that we meet over at the secret garden, I will explain more in just a sec and I'm sure you will see why I want to meet there.  I would also tell you all about my week off work last week.  It was a quiet one, well quiet as in I didn't get up to much, my time was pretty much consumed by my Mum who had an operation on her foot last Friday, it was certainly an eventful week.  My Mum had already planned a party to celebrate hers and my Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary which is today, (Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad) for Saturday just gone, so I was running around trying to get the place organised.  I will be posting about the party tomorrow.
I would tell you that it was good to have a break away from the usual routine, even if the week wasn't a restful one.
I would tell you that it was a strange week with ups a downs.  We will get the downs out of the way first.  4 months after my Grandad passed away from cancer, my other Grandad (my dad's dad) has been diagnosed with bladder cancer.  There is just no escaping from it for me, as if working with it 5 days a week isn't enough, my private life is filled with it also.  He already suffers with very bad Parkinson's disease and has done for the whole of my life and some time before hand, it really is so un-fair, we just have to wait now to find out what happens next.  To top that off my cousin who is only 42 had a heart attack.  She is fine, but it was such a shock for the whole family, I couldn't believe it.  So bad news over with, let's move onto something more positive.

Myself and Mum found an amazing place to go for coffee and we will most definitely be visiting again in the future.  It is called the Secret Garden.  I'm sure from my photos you will be able to see why I have suggested this place to meet today.

A very welcoming entrance

All signposted

Pretty paths with flowers leading the way, with lots of pretty lanterns

More flowers

Little windmills and different furniture dotted all over the place

Oh look a little visitor

Yum hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, a scone with jam and a toasted tea cake, just what the doctor ordered.

Another visitor (it would have been rude of me not to have shared my scone with them)

Time for a close up

And how cute is this little fella hiding here : )

It really was a lovely place, beautiful surroundings and very well hidden from the main road, which is where I'm guessing the name comes into it.  What i loved even more is how darted around the place they had blankets draped over chairs for you to wrap up in when it gets a little chilly as it was all mostly outside.  there is an indoor section but sitting out in the fresh air is a must!

As well as this I also met with a very good friend of mine for coffee.  I hadn't met with her in ages so it was lovely to catch up and see her again, we really must do it more often.

So a real mixture of good and bad news for me.  I only hope your week has been much better.

Hope you enjoyed your coffee.  Linking up today with Amy

Love Gem xxx


  1. Hi Gem,

    First of all I am so sorry to hear about your grandad and your cousin. Life seems so unfair at times.

    The Secret Garden Cafe looks LOVELY! I think I would love it too...seems very magical. The hot chocolate looks very tempting, I can imagine it would be a lovely place to go in the Autumn time.

    I hope you are having a better week so far.

    Gemma xXx

  2. What a lovely place to go for coffee. . .
    I'm so sorry to here about Grandad. :o(
    I hope this week is better than the last.
    My week was better than the previous one and I even did lots of baking. . .
    Take care. Thank you for sharing with us.
    :o) xx

  3. wonderful pictures... so restful...
    though, can i say, i found the pink writing on the pink background quite hard to read... hope you don't mind me saying anything... and thanks for coffee :)

  4. Sorry to hear about all the bad news...hang in there.

    As for the garden it IS totally gorgeous! And that hot chocolate looks like heaven.

    Have a great week!

  5. What a beautiful place! Your pictures are gorgeous and those drings - well I just had a virtual sip! lol! x

  6. Hi

    sorry to hear about your Grandad and your cousin, puts my rubbish week into perspective!

    Was scanning your blog and very nearly didn't read, not because it didn't look interesting but as Claire above mentioned, it is hard to read pink on pink, my eyes are not great and I really struggled but when I looked at your photos I thought I recognise that place!
    I live across the road from the secret garden, but only visited for the first time a few months back, since then I've been quite a few times as they have lovely cakes!

    lovely to read another Chelmsford creatives blog

    Kerry x