Thursday, 18 August 2011

I'm Still Here

Hello, sorry I have been a bit AWOL recently, the truth is I haven't really had much to blog about, but I'm back with a few things to share with you.

I spent my weekend baking, yes you read that right I was baking.  I will share with you my recipe and photos tomorrow, as I feel it deserves a post all of it's own, even if I do say so myself.

I arrived back into work after a lovely if not quiet weekend to find these little treats waiting for me on my desk, bought especially for me by one of my lovely colleagues.

For those of you who don't know, I LOVE chocolate M&M's.  Aren't these colours just beautiful.  M&M's have recently opened up a new shop in Leicester Square, I have yet to visit it myself but I will, don't you worry, I will get there.  I have visited their store in Vegas, so I am quite excited to know that there is one a little closer to home. 

Another new addition to London is the Tea House Theatre which opened a few weeks ago in Vauxhall.  I can see it from the window in my office.  I have visited a couple of times now and it is a lovely for a little treat.  I had lunch here today as it happens with a friend and thought I'd take a few snaps to share with you. 

Nice comfy chairs

Pretty china with teapot and tea cosy

My All Day Breakfast Breakfast

There are lovely quotes painted on the walls which add such a nice touch.

The staff are so attentive and really friendly and the sound of classical music adds a really nice touch to the atmosphere.  The service is brilliant, with proper cotton napkins and silver cutlery, this is somewhere I can see myself spending quite a few lunch breaks ha ha.
So that's all from me until tomorrow when I reveal what I have been baking, complete with photos and my first recipe on my blog, yay.

Enjoy your evening,

Love Gem xxxxx


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  2. Another M&M lover here! Yum yum.

  3. what a gorgeous place to have tea and a gossip, I love the fact that more tea rooms seems to be opening - I get so sick of coffee shops everywhere - especially as they never seem to make the good standard frothy coffee of my younger days :)

  4. Ooooh wow, I will HAVE to visit that place! It looks absolutely fabulous!

  5. Ooo is that a royal albert old country roses cup I see!? What a lovely looking place, I'm very tempted to come and try it out! One of those quotes was in my afternoon tea book - what a coincidence! x

  6. That place looks lovely! Very quaint and cosy : ) Love the quotes on the wall too.

    Looking forward to your recipe!

    Gemma x

  7. Oh I think we will have to take a visit there next time we are in London.