Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My August Bank Holiday Weekend

I love a bank holiday weekend and for me it was an extra day longer as I booked Friday off work.  I felt nice and rested when I arrived at work this morning, even better to now it is only a 3 day week for me, as I have also booked this Friday off.  I am hoping for good weather as we are camping.  But less of next weekend, What did I get up to this weekend.

Well I spent my time with family and close friends.  I spent Friday shopping with my Mum and getting organised at home.  Saturday was spent with James aunt and her partner.  We took a lovely drive to Pleshy for a beer festival.  As I am not a beer drinker I was pleased to be in pretty surroundings for this one.  The village is beautiful, I would love to live somewhere like this.

We sat out the front of the pub for a bit, which you can just about see in the first photo, until it was too cold and we had to go in, but in the half hour we sat outside for only 2 cars passed us, it was so peaceful.  Bliss.

The rest of the weekend was spent with really good friends of ours, on various occasions throughout the weekend and involved a lot of eating, playing games, laughing, drinking and chatting.  Just what every weekend should be.

I also squeezed in a little bit of baking, although I did cheat, it was from a packet but on seeing mint choc chip cupcakes I just couldn't resist.  They were delicious.

How was your weekend?  I'd love to know

Love Gem xxxx


  1. Oh this sounds so lush! I've updated my blog with my August bank hol weekend too.
    Those cakes look yumlishus.
    The village looks fab. I don't like beer much either. So helps to be in a nice place for that kind of festival!
    Gem x

  2. Oh wow what a gorgeous post, thanks for sharing and as for those yummy cakes, yum yum!! Well done Gem you have won one of the persil pass on the love hampers, better start digging out those teddies ;)) If you email me via my profile page your address, I shall forward onto persil who shall send you out your hamper :)) Well done lovely xxxx

  3. That village looks like it's from a postcard...and it looks so peaceful...ahhhh...

    Nothing like a three day work week to make life grand. ROCK ON!

  4. Yummy Chocolate & mint cupcakes..love that flavour!

    Sounds like a really nice weekend!

    Gemma x

  5. Pleshley looks lovely.

    Our weekend was spent at Thorpe Park for my 9 year olds birthday, a wedding reception, dinner at my dads and unpacking of boxes xx

  6. wow! It looks amazing, the photos are excellent x