Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My Summer List

I know this is probably a bit late in the year for this but seeing as we haven't really had a summer yet I am hoping it is still to come, I decided to make a list of things I would like to do this summer.  I love making lists, I think it is a female thing as I know most of you also love a list or two or maybe even three.  I write lists for everything, it helps me to feel more organised and so much more relaxed about things, I know it will help me to remember things, I can be a bit forgetful, especially if I have a lot on mind.

OK so back to the list.

I know it isn't very clear from this photo so sorry if you can read that but I am going to re-type it just in case.
  • Join A Group
  • Go Crabbing (never done this before)
  • Have A Picnic
  • Go Fishing (again never done this before)
  • Discover Some Place New
  • Star Gaze
  • Fly A Kite
  • Learn Something New
  • Row A Boat On A Lake (never done this before either)
I love trying new things, learning new things, making the most of life, making the most of a moment.  I'm hoping this list will help me to do this over the next few weeks or so.

As I type this the riots are still continuing in London and across the UK.  I think it is a disgrace to our country and these people should be really ashamed of themselves, why can they not see that they are shooting themselves in the feet, they are ruining their futures and future opportunities, the country is struggling enough as it is without them giving a helping hand for all the wrong reasons.  They should not be able to get away with this.  We all need to stand tall together and ensure we don't allow them to ruin us.  We have a wonderful country, why should they ruin it for us all?

I hope everyone out there is keeping safe.

Love Gem xxxx


  1. hello from South London! not great is it?!!! but love your list, i think i may do one tomorrow as it looks like i won't be doing Greenwich. xx

  2. Well said Gem!
    Love your list!

  3. Hi Gem,
    You probably wont believe me when I tell you that I have been writing a to do list too! Not just for summer, but for things to do for the rest of the year which include seeing a firework display (not seen one for yonks!) and going to the country living xmas fair. Hope you get to cross everything off your list, let us know how it goes! xxx

  4. Aaah, a fellow list maker! I have a quiet afternoon at work planned, maybe I will follow your lead (and LittleGem's too) and make a 'to do' list to try and cheer myself up. Looks like you have some great stuff on there! Echo your thoughts on the riots, fingers crossed it will be over soon x

  5. I love lists too, know exactly what you mean about them helping you to feel more relaxed and in control. I'd really like to go crabbing, I've been mackerel fishing though - on someone's hen do of all things!

    It was pretty unnerving here in Croydon the night before last, but looks as though things are calming down again.

  6. Oh I love a good list hun! Fab idea, hope you storm through it!

  7. What a super list!! Well done, crabbing is super fun, so hope you get to do that one. Yes I think many women enjoy writing lists ;))

    Hugs xx

  8. Oh me too! I love writing lists!!!
    I hope you get to do all the lovely things on your list.
    Thanks for your message about my postcards, I actually bought them from Ebay. I think it is much harder to find old postcards these days!
    Have a lovely weekend

  9. Hello! Love writing lists, It is my favourite activity!
    I put easy stuff on my lists too to make me feel better, like get up and get dressed! hahahha
    Thanks for all your entries on the juicy lucy give away!
    All the best for now, Becca xxx

  10. Hi Gem,Im forever making lists! I dont think I could cope if I didnt.Love your list,looks like you have some great things in mind to do.take care,juliexxx

  11. Dear Gem, I love your list! I'm really a list person too. I write lists for everything! Have a great day!

    Love, Kristin