Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Good Weekend.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on yesterday's post, it is much appreciated.  I love receiving comments and take great time and pleasure in reading each and every single one of them.  

I had booked a day's holiday for Friday just gone, so my weekend kicked off from Thursday evening where I was hoping to cross off one of my To Do's on my Summer List.  For a while now I have been interested in joining a group, to be more specific the WI.  I found details of a group and went along to their meeting.  The ladies were all so lovely, polite and friendly and very welcoming but I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed and out of place.  They didn't really have any care as such for crafts which was one of my main reasons for wanting to join and secondly I felt very young.  A lot of my friends are older then me anyway, and if I am honest I wasn't expecting anyone of my own age, but upon enquiring I had told then my age and in response was told their members are of a range of different ages (yeah from 65-80 maybe!)  Never mind I can say I have tried it.  I have been in contact and have since found details of some other WI groups near me so hopefully I shall have better luck next time. 

I still had a 3 day weekend ahead of me so I packed up my things and drove round to James' to pick him up, we had a weekend of camping planned.  We were staying on the same campsite we camped at earlier in the year except this time we were roughing it in our own tent.  The campsite is great and you have the option of camping in the forest or in a field, we opted for the forest, you can go anywhere and camp in a field!  Location wise is perfect, it is in Pett, which is not far from Hastings, Rye or Battle so you are spoilt for choice really.  The photo above was taken just around the corner from the campsite, I'm so pleased with it.  I just love the light streaming through the trees.

Friday night I managed to cross the first thing off my list.  Star Gazing.  It was beautiful, it was as if someone had thrown a bucket load of glitter across the sky, I don't think I have ever seen so many stars.  To top it off we also saw 2 yes 2 shooting stars, I was so excited I have never seen one before so I was so impressed to see 2.

Saturday I crossed the second thing off my list.  Learn Something New.  Ann who owns the campsite and farm taught me how to spin wool.  We had been talking the last time we visited about knitting, so bless her, she saved a fleece from one of her sheep and we set to work in one of the barns.  We had started off in her vegetable garden, which is looking beautiful in full bloom, but it was just too hot.

It was a great experience, I doubt it is something I would be doing again anytime soon (way too difficult for me to do alone) but it is easy to get the gist of what needs to be done, not so easy putting it in to practise and having to concentrate on more then one thing at a time though.  While I was spinning James was picking hops.  He spotted wild hops growing on our last visit and they kindly allowed him to pick them so he could make a brew from them.  This was not even half of them.  He was picking for hours.

It was a great weekend and we got to spend some good quality time together, which is the main thing. 

If anyone is interested in the campsite you can check out the website here.  Perfect location in a peaceful, idyllic location.  Ann and Tim are wonderful and welcoming people, they work on the farm and have cattle, sheep, chickens and stables with lots of horses.  Great toilet and shower facilities and if you don't feel like camping in your own tent, why not stay in their tipi or yurt?  They are both fully furnished all you would need to take with you are your own clothes and food.  If you do book up tell them that Gemma sent you.

Thanks for reading,

~ Gem x


  1. wow - sounds like a really idyllic weekend away! I love your photograph it looks so perfect. Stargazing must have been amazing - especially seeing shooting stars - I don't think I've seen any before!

    Good luck with trying more WIs - I was thinking of joining one too - but not sure as I'd again be one of the youngest! x

  2. Gem I love reading your posts. They always make me smile and often nod in agreement. I try and have a cuppa handy so I can really enjoy it all.
    Your weekend away looked fab. Gorgeous pictures and spinning!!!
    I've been stargazing before in various places. The best was a beach in Mozambique. The sky was completely clear and shooting stars are a fairly common sight as there is such a clear sky. The sea was full of phosphore and when we swam at night we 'glowed' it was a once in a life time experience i'm glad I had. Especially now I have the boys it is not something i'd be able to do anytime soon.
    Being from that odd breed of 'forces spouse' we have set up our own group. It is a bit WI like in it's a womans group and we always have an activity. Next week is the start of term and we are jam making. I have roped my mum in to 'teach' as we lived off homemade jam as kids.
    Good luck in your search for a new group.
    :o) xx

  3. What a perfect weekend!! Really lovely photo's... You definitely suit the country life :)

    Louise xx