Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Lake District

Where has this week gone?  I can't believe it is almost Thursday already.  It's strange, the hours of each day seem to be dragging, yet the days themselves are flying by.  Anyway.  I had been hoping to post this on Monday but stupidly left half my photos on James' laptop, I won't be seeing him now till the weekend so thought I would post some of the photos I have got and post some more maybe next week.    

I spent last week in the Lake District.  Boy is it pretty up there, every where you turn there are green hills to be seen for miles, it reminded me a lot of driving through Ireland.  All the little villages are so quaint, and so peaceful, it was lovely. 


We made a visit to Aira Force which is a big waterfall that you can walk right up to the top of.  The majority of the photos were taken with my other camera and are on James' laptop so I will do another post next week on this.

There was a money tree there.  Basically the whole of this tree trunk has had coins bashed into it.  I have never seen anything like this before, it was great.  And of course I had to put my own coin in too :)

This is a close up shot of the tree.  Apparently people have been doing this now for 15 years.  That's a lot of coins.

The drives out were never boring, there was always a view to be admired, although I did get travel sick on more then one occasion.

We were constantly stopping by the road side to take photos like these.  It would be rude not to make the most of a view like this.  This is what I dream of, being able to look at this every day *sigh*.

I will leave it there for today, but I will be sharing more about the trip next week, once I have my other photos :)

Thanks for reading

Love Gem xxxx

P.S  I also got to cross off some more of my summer list.  Well let's face it, it was going to be my last opportunity and seeing as we haven't really had much of a summer and I had left it pretty late in the season to start.  I have crossed off row a boat on a lake (kind of), have a picnic and discovere some place new (which I had really done already in Pleshy) more on these bits next week though. xx


  1. I do so love the lakes and I only discovered them last year! Lovely photos! Where is this place with the waterfalls? I've only ever been on fells fairly near Keswick!
    Love the idea of the money tree!

    By the way, if you're ever around in town at the weekend I'm playing flute quartets at Chelmsford cathedral on the 2nd October as part of their St Francis animal service- apparently there are going to be lots of animals there...! Might be an interesting Vicar of Dibley experience to see!!

  2. The Lake District is on my list of places to go! Your pictures really show the beauty and tranquility of the place x

  3. Hi Gem, lovely pics. I remember the money tree! Sorry you were car sick - not so nice.

  4. Great photos, it looks so pretty! I was in the Lakes at Grasmere last week, love this area :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!