Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Lakes, Beatrix Potter & Waterfalls

OK, so I couldn't keep away from you guys, blogging has become an addiction.  I've stayed at James' tonight to get my photos off his laptop, I will apologise now, there are quite a lot of them.  

As you all know a couple of weeks ago I spent a week in the Lake District.  It is so picturesque and I constantly had my camera out.  I managed to get some lovely photos.

There were so many gorgeous houses.  I often found myself sighing and thinking how I would love to live somewhere like this.  I could never get sick of the views.  It is just so peaceful.

One thing I really wanted to do while we were there was to visit Hilltop which was the home of Beatrix Potter and a place she spent a lot of time writing her story's.  I did thin there would be more reference to her books within the house which was not the case but I still managed to get some nice photos of the village and the gardens around the house.

Another great day we had was that spent walking up Aira Force which is a gorgeous waterfall near Ulswater.  The walk to the top took us about half an hour and it was so worth it.

Well done if you are still with me, I promise I will no longer bore you with any more my holiday snaps.  This week has done me the world of good, although now after returning back to everyday life I could do with another holiday, if only everyday was like a holiday, now that would be the life hey.

~ Gem x


  1. Looks like a fantastic holiday! Such beautiful scenery! I have never been!

    I hope James is ok and the scarring goes down! x

  2. Ouch, poor james!! I love the lakes. I didn't get to hilltop, but would love to go xx

  3. Wonderful photos, I do love this area, Lake Windermere is looking good :)

    Have you entered my cusion giveaway?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Gorgeous pics, Gem, yet again. Thank you for sharing. Blimey, hope James is OK. Sounds hideous.