Monday, 5 September 2011

A Lucky Streak

We are 2/3's through the year and what a (excuse the language) S**t year it has been.  After my Grandad passing away 6 months ago, and not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about him, I miss him so much.  Then to discover my other Grandad has bladder cancer, he has no real life as it is, he has severe Parkinson's Disease.  Then with everything else trying to get a mortgage etc it just seems to be one thing after another. 

This aside my luck seems to have taken a turn for the better recently.  It started a few weeks ago when I discovered I was one of the winner's of Sian's Charity Raffle prizes at Diary Of A Tinyholder.  She does a lot of work for charities, and has taken part in a few challenges but is due to be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro within the next few weeks.  Check out Sian's blog to see how she gets on.

There are always giveaways appearing on various people's blogs, I always enter but very rarely win, well I have only ever won Sue's giveaway which was back in January I believe.  Up until recently this is.  I have had a busy weekend, all about that over the next couple of days.  I came home yesterday to find a fair few parcels with my name on them.

First of all was a parcel from Becca at Fancy Vintage she was running a giveaway with Juicy Lucy.  This is what I won:

Such a cute little bag and pretty postcard which is pinned up on my desk at work.

The chocolate was delicious, I ate this today.

Secondly was a giveaway from the The Krafty Cupcake.  I just wish you could smell this, it really is just divine.

I honestly can't stop sniffing it heehe

Next up is this giveaway with Mary Poppins.  She teamed up with Persil's Pass On The Love campaign.  It is a great cause, I shall be having a rummage through all my cuddly toys to see what I can come up with to donate.  This is what I won.

Such a beautiful picnic hamper

Filled with lots of lovely goodies- the blanket and cuddly rabbit are so soft.  I have wanted a rabbit for ages so I'm guessing this is the closest I am going to get for a while haha.

Thank you all so much ladies, you have all really helped to cheer me up.  You are all just so generous.  I really cannot express how much blogging means to me.  It has given me the chance to meet some amazing people, and I really cannot thank you all enough for that.  To pass on the love I shall be arranging my very own giveaway very soon. 

Right on that happy note I am off to bed.


~ Gem x


  1. They say things come in 3s. Well done Gem!

    I'm so unlucky when it comes to competitions and giveaways. I never win anything :(

    Enjoy your goodies x

  2. Well done you! Finally some good luck. Sorry you've had a tough spell recently - it's so hard losing grandparents. I lost my mum's parents last year, it was hell and something I am still try to come to terms with.
    So glad things are looking up for you. Sorry though, to hear about your other grandad.
    Life sucks huh.

  3. looks like you won some lovely goodies x

  4. Hi Gem, So sorry things have been difficult emotionally with your grandfathers. Glad you've won some things- they look fab!!
    It's funny, I won or was a runner-up in competitions where you had to do something (e.g. design something) but until I had a blog, I never won any prize giveaways and I've won a large toblerone and a bracelet in 2 months!!

  5. Congrats Gem you deserve all these lovely things! I hope they have made you smile for a little while at least! x

  6. Glad to hear some luck has come your way it sounds like you deserve it!

    Victoria xxx

  7. Aww little jealous I have had no decent post for ages. But you have certainly had a tough year and deserve a break. Xx

  8. Hello, glad to hear you've had some lovely parcels after all the sad news about your grandads. Great prizes especially the hamper x

  9. Fantastic wins, I adore Juicy Lucy, you are very lucky to win 3 giveaways :) hope this helps keep you cheery for a while :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. I'm so sorry to here about both your Grandads. I only ever knew one Grandparent and was very upset when she passed away. That was 8 years ago now and I still think of her often. I do hope you are feeling better very soon. Congratulations on winning those lovely goodies, it sound like you deserve some treats :)

    Take care,
    Louise xx