Saturday, 8 October 2011

Getting Organised

I am so glad it is the weekend at last.  Sometimes I feel as though I spend most of my time wishing my life away.

I have spent the past few evenings after work and my morning today having a real good sort through of all my things, I don't mind admitting it, I have become a bit of a hoarder :s.  I finally feel as though I am getting somewhere and boy do I feel good for it.  I have been able to clear out so much stuff that I just seriously do not need and will most probably never use.  I am ready for my own stall at a boot sale next year to hopefully make myself some pennies for the savings account and today I am feeling very organised.

Now all that is left to do is enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Hope you all enjoy yours too.

Love Gem xxx


  1. Funny- I had that exact same thought this week- how much of my life I spend in limbo, waiting for the weekend!

  2. oh dear,this is what I should be doing but instead I am on blogger!!!

  3. That's great to hear Gem! An organised room is an organised and clear mind!

    I'm sorting out my clothes at the moment and it feels good just to have it tidy!

    Gemma x

  4. Ooh you are inspiring me chick!!! Perhaps I should have a big sort out and sell a load of stuff - thing is, I know I would then buy a load of stuff at the car boot sale and probably come home with more!!!!
    x x x

  5. Ooh I do love a good de-clutter! That feeling of having things organized and sorted is fab isn't it?... makes me feel a little bit more in control of my life :) lol

    Hope you're having a good week
    Louise xx

  6. 4 times now blogger has told me Error illegal request. I just want to post a comment!!!
    I have been having a clear out. Boys keep trying to unclear for me though!
    Thanks for stopping by. It's been a rough few weeks but I hope that means things are going to start looking up now. Xx