Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ideal Home Christmas Show

Last Thursday myself and my mum  went along to the Ideal Home Christmas show at Earls Court, London.  It was their first ever show so we thought we would give it a try, in the hope it would get us into the Christmas mood.

Upon arrival at the show it certainly did just that.  There were loads of white Christmas trees lining the path up to the entrance and a snow machine pumping out snow that we had to tramp through to get in the doors.  I got so excited, I felt like a little kid again ha ha small things will please small minds I think the saying goes!

As we walked through the main doors, the whole floor was covered in a white, glittery felt type material to look like snow, this was throughout the whole venue, it looked fab (although I do wonder what it looked like at the end of the last day, never mind)  There were more trees and I was so pleased that it was looking to be better than expected.  It looked like a Magical Christmas Wonderland.

We had our first stop in sight of what we wanted to see first, so we headed straight to the Celebrity Chef Stage. 

Ahhhhh Gino, he is gorgeous and sooooo funny, he was telling people to ask him questions we he answered really well and had everyone laughing, it was the best cookery demonstration I have ever seen.  To top that off..................................................

I even got to meet the man himself, I bought a copy of his book which he kindly signed and I got a couple of kisses too, you can imagine how excited I was right about then, so much so I was actually shaking (what an idiot, I felt a right fool) still I had just had a kiss off Gino D'Acampo I'm pretty sure I can be excused for that.

Unfortunately that is pretty much as far as the excitement went and from then on was a bit of a disappointment.  There were a number of real Christmas trees in the middle of the show with a pretty bandstand in the centre which was lovely, but I was expecting it to be really Christmassy, it was basically just the Ideal Home show with a couple of Christmas stalls, all selling virtually the same thing and when I say a couple that isn't a lie, I was a bit gutted and won't be returning again next year.  But I did meet Gino so it was far from a wasted day, and the first thing to cross of the Christmas List ~ Visit A Christmas Event :)

Love Gem x x x x


  1. Shame it wasn't 100% christmassy but meeting Gino would have made the day worthwhile ;)

  2. It looks all very magical! You are a lucky thing meeting Gino..and to get a kiss : P

    I would be shaking myself.

    Love Gemma x

  3. That's a real shame it wasn't more Christmassy, what a let down :( at least you had a good day in the end! hehe xx

  4. Perfect excuse to get in the Christmas spirit!

    Victoria xx