Monday, 28 November 2011

An Old Tradition

Christmas is everywhere now.  It's what I am reading, it's on all the adverts on TV, it's on the radio and you know what I kind of like it.  This weekend saw me cross another thing off my Christmas list.  An Old Tradition. 
Saturday was the switching on of the Christmas Lights in Moulsham Street ~ basically it is a street of specialist shops, they have been having a lot of work (mainly road works) recently so this for them was a big celebration to celebrate the end of it all.  The road was filled with market stalls selling homemade gifts and decorations, food and lots more.  I was feeling really ill on Saturday so unfortunately I didn't get to see the actual switching on of the lights but I have seen them since, very pretty.

On Sunday the High Street lights were being switched on.  I haven't been to see the lights being switched on for a few years but as a kid it was something we did every year.

To finish off there was a brilliant firework display and it was a great end to the day.

The town is lit up and it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

(You can just see Moulsham Street lights in the distance and take a look at that moon.)

Love Gem x x x x x


  1. Christmas Fun!!! Love it

    Victoria xxx

  2. Ooooh this looks fab and now I am feeling very Christmassy. Hope youa re feeling better now love.
    x x x

  3. Is that Chelmsford? It looks delightful!

  4. Beautiful photos - you've captured the fireworks and Christmas lighting really well. Best wishes, Pj x