Saturday, 10 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

How lovely are your Lego branches.

Yep Lego.  I went and visited the Lego Christmas tree at London St Pancreas station the other day.  Truly amazing.  I cannot imagine how long it must of taken to make something of this size and with so much detail.   It is covered in Lego baubles and really is just fantastic.

If you are going to be in London at any point on the run up to Christmas you really should go and see it. 

It took me back to childhood thinking about the hours I used to spend with my brother building things, never quite achieved anything quite like this though ha ha.

Love Gem x x x x


  1. That is incredible, I can't believe it is made of lego ~ love how you have shown the brick branches! I too played with my brothers lego, now I know I could have tried harder! lol!

  2. Wow - that really must of taking a while to build. It looks so good!!

    Gemma x