Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tis The Season For A Homemade Advent Calendar

This year I have made my very own Advent Calendar with the help from a fabulous pattern in Your Home magazine.  Basically last year me and James decided that instead of buying each other Christmas presents, we would make each other an advent calendar.  

I am so pleased with what I have created, especially as this is the first project I have actually finished in a long, long time.

I have mainly used felt to make all the little pockets and hand stitched them all on, and although it took me ages to complete, I got so much satisfaction from it.  I took it along to the Craft Club I now go to and Lynne helped me out with the number using her new cutting machine gadget (it is amazing and sooooo clever) Thank you Lynne for all your help with that, it was much appreciated.  I then glued all the ribbon onto the pouches using felt glue bought from the lovely Sarah at Blooming Felt :) and there you have it.

 It is now taking pride of place on his bedroom wall.

As not all of the presents fitted within the pockets, I have had to pop some of them in a felt bag which is just below the calendar.  What can I say though, he is a very lucky guy.

And the calendar he has made for me I hear you all ask?!  Well the less said about that the better I think (in other words there is nothing to say about it because it doesn't exist - not even a shop bought chocolate one!  I think he has officially found himself on Santa's naughty list this year)

~ Gem x


  1. your advent calender looks fab, definitely the naughty step for James though does he know its a minute for each year of his age....

  2. What a beautiful advent calendar! You've obviously put a lot of work into it! Well done you!

    Shame you haven't got one in return but hopefully he will make it up to you in Christmas presents? xxx

  3. Lovely Calander!! It's great that you can bring it out every year and remember all your hard work on it!

    Love Gemma x