Saturday, 24 December 2011

Twas The Week Before Christmas - Christmas Eve

Wow, what a week it has been.  Thank you again so much ladies, I really appreciate you all taking time out of your busy lives to feature on my little space, it has been great to share and celebrate this special time of year with you all.

Christmas.  If any of you had not yet noticed, I really do love Christmas.  It is my most favourite time of the year.  A time of love.  A time of Giving.  A time of happiness.  This year also a time of sadness for those that will not be with us celebrating this time of year.

I have many happy memories of Christmas.  Every year on Christmas Eve we used to visit my Dad's Aunt and Uncle, we were always amazed at how there was always a mountain of presents under their tree - we were told that they had been for an afternoon sleep and Father Christmas had been to visit them while they were sleeping (ha ha how gullible we must have been)  After spending the evening with them we used to drive back home, by this point we were so excited, I remember the whole way home me and my Brother would be gazing up at the sky looking for Santa and his sleigh and reindeer.  Sadly this is a tradition that no longer happens, and hasn't for some time, my Uncle passed away 11 years ago and he is still missed so much. 

me and my brother many years ago.

After going to bed Christmas Eve I would wake up Christmas morning, glance over at a brimming full stocking and screaming at the top of my voice " He's Been, He's Been" such excitement, Christmas is never quite the same as that any more :( Oh to be a child again.

My Nan and Grandad would always spend Christmas day with us, turning up around 10am with a car laden full of presents for us, we were always spoilt.  This year will be our first Christmas without him, it is going to be really hard.  We will be picking my Nan up this afternoon and go to visit my Grandad's bench.  My Nan will be staying with us over the Christmas week, it is going to be sad but lovely at the same time.  We will be making more memories and making the most of what we have and spending time together as a family.

My Nan & Grandad.
What ever you are doing and who ever you will be spending your day with, I hope you have a wonderful and magical Christmas.

Love Gem x x x x


  1. Lovely post! I wish you a merry Christmas and hope it is filled with many special moments!!!

    Christmas hug from Kristin♥♥♥

  2. Stopping by to wish you a very happy christmas hun :o) Scarlett x

  3. Beautiful post Gem! Thanks for sharing your memories with us. Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday!
    Merry Christmas : )


  4. Happy Christmas. You will be such a big support to your Nan, she is lucky to have you. xxx