Tuesday, 28 February 2012

It's Competition Time

Well who doesn't like a competition?

I have been asked by my dear friend Kate if I could let you all know about a comeptition she is holding at the moment in connection with her books going to print eeeeek how exciting.  Kate is the author of the Burly & Grum childrens book series, they really are fantastic books and up until recently have only been available electronically but they can now be bought from Amazon here as a hard copy.  Kate has come such a long way so it is so great to see how well the books are coming along, this time last year she had no idea that any of this would be happening so it really has happened quite fast, it is amazing to see and so inspiring to any independant authors out there.

Anyway the competition I hear you cry.  The competition is open worldwide and it is to guess Grum's middle name.  You can find out more infomration from the website here.  So what are you waiting for go on and enter, you know you want to. 

The winner will win a signed copy of the first two books 'Beyond The Forest' & 'The Secret City', A years adoption of Ginny, a moon bear with Born Free Foundation and and £20 or $25 Amazon voucher. 

The competition is open until Friday 29th march and the winner will be announced Saturday 30th March.

Feel free to spread the word.

Good Luck.

Love Gem x x x x


  1. Gem, you are an absolute star, thank you so much! :) I've had some wonderful and funny suggestions so far - it's going to be hard to choose! XXXXXX

  2. Really funny illustrations ..I'd love to win!

    Gemma x