Monday, 6 February 2012

A Snowy & Rocky Weekend

I was hoping for a snow day today but that wasn't to be, so a day in the office it was!

I had a really lovely weekend, even though it didn't quite go to plan.  Sometimes that is a good thing. I am a planner and very rarely do things on the spur of the moment.  I had planned to visit a couple of local wedding Fayre's yesterday but due to the snow thought it would be pointless going as it would either be cancelled and a waste of my journey through the country lanes or some of the exhibitors wouldn't turn up so still a waste of a journey.  So instead I spent Saturday afternoon making Rocky Road (my own slightly different version to how I think it is supposed to be made)  James Mum had some Granola she was going to throw.  The thrifty person inside me jumped at the chance for using them in a bit of creativity in the kitchen.  After having a rummage through the cupboard of all my baking ingredients I came up with a lot of baking chocolate and sent James out to buy some Maltesers and marshmallows.

What a treat, it was delicious.  We spent Saturday evening in our PJ's wrapped in a blanket and watched Miss Potter.  I loved it and surprisingly so did James. It brought back many memories of the Lake District and we have decided we would like to go back there again.  I love the story about Beatrix Potter and feel she is a credit to any female author.  She was such an inspirational person and it is lovely how she will live on forever more through her work and creativity.  If you haven't seen the film yet, I would highly recommend it.  It goes down well with a bit of rocky road too : ) especially as the snow is falling pretty hard outside the window.

Instead of the wedding Fayre's Sunday we visited some friends, played in the snow and had a lovely beef casserole for dinner mmmm.  Not quite what we had planned but it was perfect.

How was your weekend?

Love Gem x x x x


  1. We had a lovely weekend, a nice long walk in the snow included!

    No chance of a snow day today tho' ;(

    BTW Im hosting a swap with one of my friends, please pop over to my blog to see if it is something you would like to join in with!


  2. oh my goodness!! what are you doing to me?? i'll have to try that - although minus the marshmellows for us veggies xx

  3. Your version looks delicious! Miss Potter is a great film, we have visited the house in the Lakes and it is so pretty!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. That Rocky Road looks LUSH!!! And what a lovely weekend you had. Beef casserole mmmm lush. Do you ever add a pinch of cinnamon to it? Makes all the difference.
    Sorry not visited you for a couple of weeks. The move to the seaside took up so much time.
    Must try the Rocky Road, I LOVE it!
    x x xx x

  5. I'm with you on the rocky road, just chuck in anythign you fancy! I've used bounty bars, home made honeycomb, turkish delight as well as the normal stuff! Malteesers sounds like a stroke of genius!!! Looks like a lovely day - much better than wedding fairs!!!

  6. Rocky Road ...... drooool. Looks delish.

    I spent my snow day indoors with my crochet hook and watching episodes of Foyle's War.

  7. oh i am so going to make some of that rocky road - looks amazing!! Scarlett x

  8. Your snacks look delish!!! I will definitly give them a try : )

    Danielle xo

  9. I loved that film too...And the snacks sound delicious..
    Warm Wishes,

  10. Hey Gem, I have just nominated you for an award on my blog! xxx

  11. Just to let you know I have just nominated you for an award on my blog in my latest post. (Although, I've just noticed that the last comment is from someone who has nominated you too! Sorry, I hadn't realised!)
    Maria x