Friday, 16 March 2012

Eggstraordinary Sightings Around London

Last Sunday I was in London enjoying my blogger meet.  What I hadn't bargained on was spotting large eggs hidden around the city.

They are each decorated by different designers.

I love this one.  It is my favourite one so far.

Some are up high.

Other's are down low.

As you can see they are all decorated differently. 

There are 209 eggs hidden around London in total.

Will I find them all?

I'm glad I found this one.  It has my name written all over it (my surname is Peacock!)

Some of them we got help finding :) (This was in Hamley's)

Other's were right under our nose all along (this was outside Liberty, we missed it originally)

I still have a long way to go yet to find all 209, but they will all be together in Covent Garden at the beginning on April so if I don't find them all, I will be able to see the ones I miss there.

Happy Hunting.

Love Gem x x x x


  1. How exciting going on an Egg Hunt! These eggs are fab. I love the post box one.

  2. That's fantastic!!
    What a great fun idea!

  3. love the post box one tooxxx

  4. What fun! Have a great time egg hunting! I love the last one you pictured. It's really beautiful : )

    Have Spring!


  5. I can give you tips on where 2 in the City are!! Found another when I was at lunch yesterday!

    Victoria xx

  6. Wow some of them are hard to find!