Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Making Me Smile

There are lots of things making me smile at the moment.  I thought I would share some of them with you.

My gorgeous cat Molly sleeping on my bed, and using a hot water bottle as her pillow :)

A new bed cover from Ikea.  (looking very creased in this photo!)

Beautiful flowers bought for me by James (he really is in my good books at the moment!)

Mixing the flowers bought for me by James with ones I had bought for myself a few days earlier to make  a couple of pretty and colourful arrangements, they smell lovely too.

Winning Happiness Is Cross Stitching's Giveaway, the goodies are gorgeous, I especially love the tea bag tags and tea bag holder's so cute.  Thank you Lynn x x 
A good friend of mine, Kate has her books for free download on Amazon here.  It is amazing to see how far she has come in such a short space of time.  I'm so happy for her and very proud and inspired by what she has achieved.

So what has been making you smile recently?

Lots of Love 

Gem x x x x


  1. Gorgeous flowers from James, man, that boy is a keeper!!!
    Molly looks cute and believe me, that is NOT a creased bed. Come round my gaff and see for yourself!
    And thrilled that Kate is doing well, just read the book reviews, bless her! She is living the dream!
    x x x

  2. How could you not smile with all this joy around you x great idea :)

  3. I do miss having a cat around, yours is so cute :)

  4. What a pretty post. Gorgeous flowers. I wish I could have flowers around the house, unfortunately they just make me sneeze! :(
    Love Katie x