Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Cherry On Top

I am a sucker for a tea room, I love them.  The only trouble is there just seem to be so many and not enough time to try them all out.  One in particular that I have liked the look of for some time is Cherry On Top in Chelmsford.

I went for lunch there with my parents to try it out.  It looks very welcoming from the outside with pretty trees outside the door way and lovely big windows.

Once inside I was still impressed with the overall feel of the place and how it had all been decorated.  I especially liked the fresh flowers on the counter to brighten the place up, although I was not at all welcomed by either of the two members of staff who just continued with their conversation, completely ignoring us.

We chose a table upstairs as when we arrived there were no vacant tables downstairs, which was a shame as downstairs does seem a lot nicer.

I ordered the afternoon tea, it just had to be done.  The scones were still warm and tasted very fresh, it came with butter which seemed a bit strange to me, usually you just get the jam and clotted cream which would have been sufficient enough.

I can't help but think this place is really lacking in a lot of things though which I find such a shame for somewhere with so much potential.  The staff were rude and there was no atmosphere in there at all, even though it was fairly busy.  I feel that perhaps some soft ,music playing in the background would have made quite a bit of a difference.

The presentation wasn't up to much.  I must say I do like the miss matched china which could have worked really well here.  Everything just seemed to uniformed if you get what I am saying.  All the chairs and tables were exactly the same which did make the place flow nicely but there was something just not quite right.

I will be honest, I won't be visiting again, but there are still plenty of others in reach that I am still yet to try :)

~ Gem x 


  1. I must say that even though it looks pretty, it looks some what cold too.
    Such a shame but a perfect excuse to try another ;o)

    Beki xx

  2. You ought to lead the manager to your blog, they may then sharpen up their act!!
    I do hope do.
    It looks lovely but I hate it when staff are rude.
    Hope you are well Gem
    x x x x

  3. What a shame it wasn't up to much - esp the staff! They make such a difference to the experience.

    Victoria xx

  4. Hmmm..what a bummer. The scones look yummy, but if the people aren't, there is no reason to return... Find us another lovely tea shop, Gem! It's you mission!

  5. Oh that's a shame. It looks really nice in your pictures though. Still, that's one place I'll avoid next time I'm in Chelmsford.

    Still haven't found anywhere that beats Stop the World Cafe in Leigh on Sea :)

  6. Sounds like you may have found your calling! Whilst I'm not exacly round the corner, I know I'd love to come to YOUR coffee shop :) Happy hunting/testing along the way :)

  7. How dissapointing after such a promising start. Hurry up and get that country place with a tea room attached so we can all come to your 'Gem's Country Tea Room' :o)

  8. It looked so nice! What a pity otherwise I'd have given it a try under your recommendation!

  9. Seems too polished to be a truly authentic quirky tea room...still, what a wonderful task it is to try out different tea rooms!!


  10. Do you know, I met a friend Carol last weekend for coffee and I suggested the Cherry on Top (although I'd never been there) and she said it was very disappointing - no atmosphere and not good service. We didn't go there funnily enough! The Secret Garden though (as you know) is very good, completely different experience. X

  11. Such a shame, I do see what you mean from your pictures though, it looks a bit 'boring'
    Friendly staff is so important, I think sometimes these places get a bit too sure of themselves!

  12. Why not try our tea room next time you're in town? we bake all our own cakes, have a huge range of teas and coffees - and we are in a 17th century building!

    check out our blog for more information!