Thursday, 19 April 2012


This is something pretty different to what I normally write about but I just had to post this.  This really made me smile.  I have no idea how long it has been there for but I know it has been a while.

I'm talking about this.

This is a photo heavy post but I just had to share it with you.

The trail goes on for ages.

There is so much talent used for these pieces.

What I really like though is how it has been expressed in this way rather than on the side of buildings.

Is it art?  What do you think?

I'd say it is.  It takes some talent to be able to create work like this.

I've no idea how many people it took to create all of these pieces or how long it took to finish it all.

I will be keeping my eyes open to see if there is anything else like it in the area.

I can't imagine that this would be the only space that they have created.

Each board is different than the one before.

A few familiar faces.

Some not so familiar.

But all brilliant in their own way.

There really were so many pieces there so I will leave you with the rest of them.

Not at all bad hey!

Love Gem x x x  x


  1. Wow, what a lot. where are they?

  2. Wow- so much! It's good to see graffiti that's not on the side of a building. Is it in a dedicated area?


  3. Are they all in chelmsford? I recognise some of the buildings in the background. If they are, I know what I'm doing this weekend!

  4. I do think its art and agree that it takes talent, just think how hard it must be to work on such a big scale. I'm not so impressed at those artists that vandalise and cause damage! It happens a lot at work when trains are damaged :( Some poeple cant help but ruin things for others!