Monday, 21 May 2012

A Brewer's Wife For Me

Good morning.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Weekends just seem to go too quickly, don't you agree.  This weekend me and James started off on a new venture.  We started our very own blog together.

With James being a brewer, he loves his beers and can often be heard suggesting we go to the pub for a drink.  Me being a non drinker can sometimes be some what reluctant to go along.  I like to visit pubs for the atmosphere, for lovely surroundings, I guess that is the female in me.  I look for detail in the decorating, and the plants and flowers in the beer garden, the surroundings.

Being a blogger I love following new blogs and looking for things that are of interest to me.  I have a selection of craft blogs, floristry blogs, gardening blogs, baking and cooking blogs, home blogs and just general life blogs that I follow, they all seem to have a target audience.  I haven't targeted my own blog to any particular audience, but I know it is mainly females that read it, you are all interested in the same things as me.  Crafts, homemaking, etc. you know the deal. 

What me and James wanted was a blog that would be of interest to everyone.  The female crafter and homemaker and the male interested in beer and visiting pubs, we are hoping to capture that in our new blog A Brewer's Wife For Me.

Image sourced from Google images.

Please pop by and say hello.  Let us know what you think, your comments and suggestions are welcome.  We hope you enjoy it.

Love Gem x x x x


  1. Ooh how exciting. Nice idea too. Will pop over later x x x

  2. I'm a crafter who also loves a decent bitter, so I'll be following you with interest,
    Joy xx

  3. Great idea Gem and James - I'm just going to pop over and have a read. Great poster, by the way, made me laugh! :) XXX

  4. What a nice idea! I'll go and have a look! My Mum would like this as she crafts stuff but loves her ale! By the way, I know you like swaps, so have you signed up to Mary's one?

  5. Hey Gem! I just awarded you the LIEBSTER AWARD. Please pop over to my blog and accept it!!


  6. So stylish! follow each other sweetie?:X