Tuesday, 1 May 2012

London Calling

I had noticed on the Internet recently about the self portraits and art that was going to be projected onto Buckingham Palace.  I love quirky things like this, things that are a bit different but most of all I love London, I love our country and I love most things British so suggested to James we go to London to see them.  We headed  into London late Saturday afternoon as we thought we would make a whole evening of it.

We started off in Leicester Square with a visit to M&M World London.  I have been to all their other stores.  One in Orlando, one in New York and one in Las Vegas, this is their first European store.  It is massive, although not their biggest store, but still spread across four floors.

My main intention for the visit was to buy some of their flavoured M&M's in particular the coconut flavour, they are delish.  Unfortunately they didn't have any flavours available,  well apart for the standard chocolate and nut flavours so I didn't buy anything but did enjoy wandering around snapping away with my camera.

There were so many different colours available.

They looked lovely all lined up in colour order. (Can M&M's look lovely? Yeah alright then)

I really liked this fella.

And these were brilliant.

After M&M World and before heading off to Buckingham Palace we went to Ed's Diner for dinner.  The food was great, I will definitely be going there again.  I loved the atmosphere and the way the place was decorated, I felt as though I was in a scene from Grease.  

It has been years since I have been to Buckingham Palace.  I think the last time was just after Princes Diana died, we went to lay some flowers amongst the thousands already there.  It is a lovely building, and we could see that the Queen was home as the flag was flying high (not very clear in the photo though, sorry).

It was right about then that the doubt started to set in, had we actually got this right? OK had I got this right?  There weren't very many people around and there didn't appear to be any equipment for projecting any images.  James checked it on his phone and his look told me that I had in fact got it wrong :s  It was the previous weekend, so we had missed it by a whole week.  

I was a bit gutted to of missed it, especially as we had been traipsing around in the cold and wet all evening, but at least it had got us out.  It isn't very often we go out of an evening, unless we go out for dinner or to a pub that is.  Lots of photos were taken and it was good quality time alone together, we just have to take the positives from it tee hee whoops.

Honestly though my failure and the weather aside we did have a good evening and that is the important thing right?!  It also gave us both a chance to get lots of shots on Instagram but more about that another time.

Love Gem x x x x


  1. Lovely photos, there. Looks like you had a great time. Xxx

  2. What a shame you missed the image projection event. Still it looks like you still had a great time. I never knew there was an M&M store here in the UK. Must make a point of popping in next time I'm in London.

  3. Ooops what a shame you missed it however it looks like you still had a great time.

    A friend of mine was in London this weekend and she visited the M&M store too - must be a popular new attraction ;)

    Am loving Instagram - I can see it could get totally addictive (btw I think I'm following you ;) ).

  4. Ohh that's a shame! Atleast you made an evening of it : ) I've heard a lot about Ed's Diner, Where is it exactly?

    I've been to the M&M store in Orlando but didn't stay for long as I can't eat them anyway...Boo!!

    Gemma xXx

  5. Oh what a shame you missed it!

    I love Ed's Diner! Such a fun place as of course is M&M World and shockingly I've been to the overseas branches but not London yet!!!

    Victoria xxx

  6. I am a huge Eds diner fan!!!!

    Mmmmm and i love the peanut butter M and m's xxx

  7. Love the new look on your blog and your photos of your trip to London are fab! Sounds like you and James still had a lovely time despite the mix up! Let's catch up soon x