Sunday, 20 May 2012

An Update From Instagram

I am still loving Instagram.  I haven't been taking many pictures myself but have still been on there daily, looking at what everyone else has been posting.  It is just so easy to dip in and out of and I love scrolling through my roll of photos everyone has been posting, they all look so pretty.

New pillow cases on the bed, Greenwich sunset, my cross stitch progress, James' beer pump clip, and another, a wicker picnic basket from the Great Eastern Market and a bag of macaroons - both a present from James, bedside table with a cold (all recovered now), watching Smash - love that programme.

So not much presence over the past couple of weeks, I'm hoping that will soon change, I have today downloaded a new photo app with some amazing features, very excited about using it :)

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, and best wishes for the week ahead.

Love Gem x x x x


  1. Ohh what's the app called? Will have to check it out x

  2. I am such an old fashioned fool. I have a really old phone so have NO clue what Instagram is but I know everyone is banging on about it!!!
    Lovcely pics, have a lovely week.
    x x x x

  3. Am also smitten with Instagram - and following lots of lovely people on there!